Making : A joyful noise while I type this. Firstly, the keyboard is ancient and makes noise, I've grown to enjoy the noise and tend to exaggerate the way I hit on the keys. Secondly, September is about to be the best month yet. I know I said the same thing about my birthday month but hey.

Drinking : Should this segment be here still? You and I already know tea has been drunk since August 1993.

Reading :
Several books at once depending on the mood I'll be in. I finally got my hands on Gabrielle Union's 'We are going to need more wine' and it's a great read.

Wanting :To be a normal blogger once more. I'm actually tired of being inconsistent. That's not how I planned this space to be. I also want a magic pill for clear skin. Please and thank you.

Grateful for:Good health,good friends, a loving family, another loving family, the mister, God's protection pretty much.

Smelling: Cucumbers.I'm snacking on one while reflecting on the mixed feelings I had last month.

: About the future!I was talking to myself the other day, marveling at how much can change in the space of a year. Had someone told me how September 2018 was going to be, chances were i'd have laughed in their face. This goes on to show that you don't necessarily have to have everything figured out at once. The in-betweens are equally worth enjoying.

Knowing:Goal setting works. Before 2018 began, I downloaded a Goal Setting Workbook from Glitsxgrace.com
for the sake of it because I wasn't up for writing down resolutions this year. However, I've noticed I ticked off most of the things I'd planned to do. *where do i redeem my bonus points lol* I'm tempted to start writing goals for 2019 down!

Bookmarking:The last week of September. *screams,shouts,rolls on the floor with eggcitement*

Watching:Nada if not for random YouTube videos. I need to watch the new seasons of Power and Insecure though.

Giggling:At some of the lingo my granma uses to describe things and situations. The lady cracks me up every time. 

Cold. You'd think that by now we should be wearing sunglasses but nope. Encouraged to try new things,after attending a World Ventures meeting sometime last month. Grown.

Cooking: I might add baking since I've experimented more with the baking aspect than cooking. Do 3 minute noodles count?I kid.

I have a new favorite song from our church hymn book. Hymn 18 has got me acting selfish towards others' musical needs when I'm djaying in the car.

Enjoying: Every moment. I know it sounds cliche but that's exactly how it has been. I've enjoyed crack of dawn chats with mum *bittersweet*, late night chats with bae, random talks about things, discovering interesting Instagram feeds, going to church camps, road trips. I have been enjoying being a new driver too.

To encourage you and I to live our best lives. To discover new places and ourselves. I'm liking the scent of Gentle Magic soap. I'm liking how September is looking already. Happy new month

Till next time..*stay graceful*