25 life lessons i've learnt

Hello and welcome to this happy and royal new month #monthofthequeen. I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd, just putting it out there haha. I am truly blessed to have reached the silver jubilee milestone, having accomplished some set goals,with a sound mind and all the blessings. Having been around for a few decades, i've picked on some things and yes, you guessed it right..home girl is going to share.
1. Try not to take things personally. Easier said than done, trust me
2. Follow your heart and think as you do
3.Trust in God, put Him first.Always
4. Educate yourself
5.Travel,get the exposure. It doesn't matter if it's to the next neighborhood. Just move
6. It's okay to outgrow people
7.Trust your gut/your sixth sense
8. Celebrate others' achievements
9.Don't be complacent. You will get replaced
10.Moisturize!Don't be ashy.
12. Know God personally. You can always learn more about Him from others but have a personal relationship first.That way, you will not be misled
13.Know the colors, clothes, that look good on you. It's the way to always look put together.
14.People grieve differently
15.Don't be basic
16.Be a dependable person
17.Protect your energy,prioritize your mental health
18.Keep a journal. Write things down (Habakkuk 2;2)
19.You don't have to be friends with everyone
20.Everything happens for a reason
21.Experiment. It's a sure way to discover what works and what doesn't
22.Your skin will act up. Do what you must/can but if that doesn't work. let that face be
23.Read books. Feed your brain
24. You are not cast into stone.Change,evolve, bloom, wilt, bounce back..find yourself and be that
25.Noone is you. Celebrate your individuality always.
      Till next time
                          *stay graceful*


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