Looking back, the year seems to have grown wings and been flying since January 1st. A lot of things have happened since then and here’s stock of the few I’ve decided to share.

Making :Lists of a variety of things,tea every morning because of the cold. I’m also making time to meditate and reflect and several trips to the internet cafĂ©.

Drinking : Stoney Ginger Beer. Lemon tea, as if I’m not wanting to gain weight..rolling my eyes

Reading :
I’ve read Smart Money Woman, I reread Five love languages, Power of a praying wife.

Wanting : An ostrich leather handbag that I saw in one of the lovely boutiques in Belgravia. I love how Zimbabweans continue to outdo themselves!

Grateful for: The blessing to spend time with people closest to my heart. I’m grateful for my cooperating skin, my strawberry patch that makes me so happy every time I pick fruit from it. The ability to once again be active on my blog

Smelling: Shea butter. I’ve just applied a thick layer on my face  to combat dry skin because of the cold

: About the future. God has been so faithful to me this year such that I have actual short term goals that I’ve accomplished and the ones I’m yet to
Knowing: The mind is the most important and life changing thing in everyone. What your mind conceives, you can achieve

Bookmarking: Birthday Month. I’ll have to wait till August for my birthday but celebrations have begun. My two sisters have birthdays in July,woop woop

Watching: Backlogs of a lot of series. My good friend Kudzi has been a plug..hooking me up.

Giggling:  Most times I’m glued on my phone. I’ve some contacts who stay posting memes. My photo gallery has grown into a treasure that boosts my mood every time I scroll through. Nothing else matters..okay maybe not nothing else

Extremely cold. Winter has been brutal and staying in a well known cold town hasn’t made it any better.

Cooking: You already know, one pot-soul food. I love cooking meals that force a finger lick and a request for extra

Church songs. Mum and the mister have the most lit playlists ever in their cars.

Enjoying: Dressing up in snuggly warm clothes and boots. I don’t like the cold but I love a good layer of fashionable clothes and pop of color to brighten the gloomy days

Making memories. Journaling Events. Waking up to pray. Seeing people around me flourishing. Attending weddings has been a thing for me this year.

Till next time...
                           *stay graceful*

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