So I watched all four seasons of Game of Thrones seated,snuggled in a blanket just because that's how you watch an interesting piece like GOT but Puchong was never cold. Jon Snow would say winter is coming and I'd forgotten what winter meant,how cold and how much snuggling i needed to prepare myself for!It's been a struggle..and the cute tiles at our house have not been helpful either.
Getting acquainted with the cold weather has been one of the many changes I've embraced. I've outgrown some people the same way i outgrew my winter jackets from four years ago. My skin has had good and bad days. Winter is here.
I have learnt when to speak,when to be quiet,how to let it be, without creating a bomb that might burst later. I have lost weight and boy the comments from random people and regulars! My weight loss is and has been a change i'm embracing every time I look into the mirror or try on my favorite dress only to find that it does not sit perfectly anymore. Hearing the comments has not been easy either. Brutal. Cold. Winter is here.
I've noticed huge changes,and a dear person I had the privilege to know once told me 'The only constant thing is change" I did not know what that truly meant but in this season,I've taken the six letter word and ran with it. I've bloomed,wilted,reflected,re-strategised, bloomed..for deserving eyes. Six months into 2018 and it has been nothing short of amazing. How has it been for you?
Till next time
*stay graceful*