You are probably tired of my come back stories and apologies haha but I owe it to myself too, to evaluate why I have been so inconsistent. It’s been partly procrastination the other has been wifi issues. It a long story why I have been unsuccessful with installing at our house but that’s not what you are here for. Let’s take stock
Making :The most of free wifi connections whenever I come across them. Someone told me I shouldn’t be excited about free things but I mean,come onnn!I have since tried applying for one but the different pricing that I got put me off and I haven’t gone back. Ask me how that has been of help,smh

Drinking : Warm water in the morning. Rooibos like never before, stoney ginger beer and minute maid apple whenever I go out

Reading :
A lot of self help books. I’m also in a whatsapp group where there are occasional books being posted

Wanting : To be a wholesome Christian. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been one. I have had to sacrifice somethings that I love and to me,  it’s a journey toward wholeness

Grateful for:  A lot of things in my life. I will be cheesy and say God keeps showing up in my life and its true. I am grateful my birthday comes in five months and I have been consistent with who I am, adjusted  accordingly and grateful for the handful of friends that I have.

Smelling: OH SO HeaveNLY (Cashmere caress) hand lotion. It’s the most sweet smelling thing I’ve owned in a while

: About finally being a bridesmaid, being a godmother, about the future as a young adult. I am excited about where am at,at the moment and it only gets better from here.

Choosing your personal happiness is not a selfish thing to do. Recently, I had a situation where I pretty much had to choose me or regret it later and I chose me. I felt guilty for not considering other factors but my future self will thank me for making that decision.

 26th March. My life was changed forever, five years ago

: Black Panther wasn’t all that for me. You don’t have to come for me lol,I feel that movie was over hyped. I do miss watching series online

 Every-time I’m with him. He is sunshine in human form

Grown yall!I remember writing a post on ‘adulting’ and boy was I clueless. I am now into adulating full throttle hence I should rewrite and update some new findings.
Cooking: When I feel like it. I have my cooking for Africa days then certain days when I ask myself  if eating is necessary. I also want to gain a little weight. I’m open to tips and tricks

Playing: Sarah Jakes Roberts’ “From Grace to grit” sermon several times. She goes inn on how to do life basically

Enjoying: Discovering new artsy ,fancy, outdoorsy ,picturesque, serene places in Zimbabwe. I have written a list of places to explore in my journal and explore them I will.

Till next time...
*stay graceful*


  1. OMG, its so nice to read from you. Black panther was really hyped, i got backlash from everyone around me for even saying that, but nah it wasnt all that. Glad they made an all black movie tho, lol with a few whites haha. Cant wait to see and read all about all the "new artsy ,fancy, outdoorsy ,picturesque, serene places in Zimbabwe"

    1. This is the latest response ever and i'm sorry. I've seen the other side of Zim now and I will be sharing. Thank you for always stopping by xx


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