Heya pretty,looking for last minute outfit ideas huh?I totally get it. Rumbie and I got you covered. My typical girls night out would be to the movies,dinner or shopping. I'm not the dance all night type of girl,you already know. Nothing says effortless more than a cold shoulder dress.It's opening your closet,throwing it on and ready to conquer the day before a finger snap ends. Since  night outs mean either walking a lot or dancing, I kept the shoes low and comfy while playful and girly.
Rumbie on the other hand is the typical friend who says 'it's just a casual girls night" then shows up all glamed up haha! I love how she wore neutrals and incorporated the statement animal print clutch that I guess,i'd be putting my phone  and any cute finds. Check out her interpretation of our collaboration on her blog and her Instagram for more of her style
   Till next time...
      *stay graceful*


I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve today. It might not be a good look but i'm sure it'll help me and anyone who comes by. I want to believe I'm a confident person with a great self esteem but I won't lie and say I haven't compared myself to some people I've come across,I've seen online or heard about. There are times I've felt less than enough,maybe a flat tummy will sort it out,maybe a clear no acne face maybe hydrated hair that doesn't need constant moisturizing,maybe .. just maybe. Funny thing is the more i've hosted these pity parties the more of a loser i felt. I've uploaded photos and deleted them just because I think I don't look picture perfect. I've come up with great ideas but crushed them down myself because I think they're too big for me. I've watched others do what I've always wanted to do yet,sat at the terraces watching them do it. I've also discovered no-one really RSVPs to a pity party, unless they want to get gist for their friends. I've decided to write up pity party invites but squeeze them up and set them ablaze. I've decided to remind myself that I'm enough and doing my best. I've decided to continue doing my best and be the best version of myself. I've decided to remain grateful and manicure my grass. I've decided to dress up in this gorgeous navy blue number and pair it with my nude pumps. I'm enough 
                                                        Till next time...
                                                         *stay graceful*

4 hours in Singapore

I just graduated with my Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and my mother had flown in to celebrate with me.She was around town for a few weeks and words will short change you how fun her visit was. We were super touristy while she was here,getting home after ten pm most of the days,taking trains and getting lost!I was glad she experienced how Malaysian days seem to fly by.There were times before she came that I'd still be online after midnight and she'd wonder why I don't sleep early like what normal people do. She had an experience of late night sleeping and more. I always got tempted to ask her,do you see now? lol

Zimbabweans can travel to certain countries without a Visa and since Singapore is one of them,we decided to spend a day there. A friend of mine had hinted she'd been there for less than $10 and my mum could not think of anything else but to travel! It was exciting,getting bus tickets and packing our handbags for the day's adventure,I hadn't been an early bird in such a long time but at 4:30am I was struggling to wake up,contemplating if the trip was worth it haha. Did I tell you mum was up and ready to shower?
I won't bore you with how we booked uber/taxi ,got to the train station and then waited for the bus. We were on our journey,it's usually a 5 hour bus ride. I pride myself in staying up and taking in the views no matter how long the journey is but this one was different.My eyes could not stay open.I took in half the trip then got shocked when mum woke me up and we were already at the Malaysian boarder (Johor Baru) 

The passports got the exit stamps and excited is an understatement.A few more kilometers and we were at the immigration checkpoint to Singapore. I had already given my passport to the immigration officer when two lovely officers walk up to mum from nowhere! They asked her for her return ticket to Zimbabwe. Prior to this journey,mum used a small handbag and she always had her passport and return ticket in it.I truly thought it was unnecessary to have the  ticket with her all the time.Our trip required a bigger bag so I had removed the return  ticket from her bag and now it was being requested!
Comment if you want me to continue
                                                    Till next time...
                                                    *stay graceful*


Can we take a moment to appreciate this gorgeousness of an outfit.I mean,who in their right mind wouldn't want to wear this on their 9-5 hustle? It has boss written all over it,at the same time a perfect, edgy,reworked combination that improves a classic formal attire. I got this skirt from a friend's pop-up shop and the unique button down style is designed such that it complements any figure. I love how it cinches my waist and it 's double about that for an $8 skirt. I paired it with a stripped shirt from the mister's wardrobe and had to tie the outfit together with these statement chunky heels  gifted thoughtfully by my little sister. 
I would love to know where you'd wear an outfit like this to and your favorite piece,till next time..

*Stay graceful*

Taking Stock Nineteen

Making : An effort to be consistent with blogging from now on-wards. I've had too many things happening,I had to put blogging on hold.However,I am back

Drinking Tea with milk. I hadn't bought a bottle of milk in about half a year,until my mother visited and I had to have rich tea ingredients on deck! Did i tell you tea is the way to my mum's heart?

Reading : Maps at train stations with my mum.We now have adventure stories that last forever.

Wanting : To start working out.I have been writing this the past months and I'm not proud of my self for procrastinating

Grateful for:Adventures with my mum in Malaysia and Singapore.I have always wanted to see the world with people close to my heart.It only gets better from here

Looking: Back at May and smiling.My heart is full.You can book mark this stock take 

Smelling: Rain.I'm sitting close to a window on a rainy afternoon

Knowing: Words have power!Speak positivity,prosperity,growth and they will manifest 
Bookmarking: May 18th 2017 I graduated y'all!

Watching: Series marathons. I don't understand why Scandal is coming to an end.Shonda Rhimes is unpredictable
Giggling: At the drama that occurred on our way to Singapore with mummy bae. I'm going to write a blog post.(typical blogger behavior huh) It's funny now.It wasn't as funny in the moment 

Feeling: Very grateful.I feel rejuvenated

Cooking:  Sadza rezviyo like a pro! I can now add sadza-rezviyo expert on my resume haha

Playing: Zim dance hall almost every morning except weekends.You should hear me singing along haha   

Enjoying: Every little thing.May was and I'll keep saying it,a beautiful month that had almost all my dreams coming true at once. 

Liking: Being more experimental although some of the outcomes are terrible.I've grown to like and accept situations were people don't agree with my opinions.I used to get offended 

Wearing: A graduation gown was so fulfilling.It literally was a stamp to my first degree and I got to pat myself on the back. Mama I made it!

Till next time...

*stay graceful*