Just before writing this post,I was watching a YouTube video that was recorded at a creativity conference. Whenever I take blog photos,chances are I already have a blog title or what to write about the outfit and today's post is no different.

I love green,all shades of green really and when I put together this outfit featuring a dress from my little sister's closet,I automatically decided its the most fluent expression for my love for green.A bit of a mouthful there but I know you catch the drift.Back to the video,the speaker highlighted on a Bible verse, John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. She spoke on how to go with your gut,its the belly were rivers of living waters flow from.It's were creative,adventurous,wow-ideas etc flow from. I loved how she affirmed herself saying I don't compete with people because my river is always flowing so I'm busy catching up with new ideas it's bringing!How amazing is that for a brand new Monday morning motivation? 

Till next time..
*stay graceful*

Taking Stock Eighteen

Making :Magic.I'm just so excited,I can not hide it.So what if I wrote down song lyrics haha

Drinking Mazoe orange crush

ReadingSecrets of Fascinating Womanhood. It's a good read for any girl,lady, woman

Wanting :Days to go by fast so that one of my dreams can come true!God is good y'all 

Grateful for:The faithfulness of God.I don't want to be preachy but it's amazing how much God loves us and always comes through.

Looking:For a midi-dress with short or long sleeves. I don't  understand how a midi-dress can be so hard to find now that I want one yet whenever I window shop,I see plenty of them 

Smelling:Jo Malone (French Lime Blossom) was a highlight in April.I fell in love with the cologne, it's now on my 'vision board' I'll just leave the hint here.My birthday is in August

Knowing:I have enough clothes.I'm joking. I'm now knowing that money spent on an experience is worth more than money spent on clothes
Bookmarking:King Women a documentary/interview series by Kemi Adetiba. I love love hearing people's stories and if you love a good real-life story,watch the interviews on YouTube. It's very empowering

Opening:A new tube of mascara.Is it called a tube by the way?

Watching: Prison Break.Yes,I have been  
glued on the screen and been rushing home to come and watch the next episode.There is no shame in my game.

Giggling:Because of so many inside jokes,they won't make sense to you

Feeling:Super excited!Do you remember when I said I didn't have new year's resolutions?I'm glad I didn't structure how my year was going to unfold.I'm grateful for how everything is happening  

Cooking:I looked up a cooking book ,but haven't bought it yet.I might be whipping a Vietnamese brunch the next time I take stock.  

Playing:Nothing specific.  

Enjoying:Taking blog photos.I had forgotten the camera charger and a Queen brought it.Hugs   

Liking:A strawberry body mist I bought from Elianto. I'm always almost spraying it into my mouth to taste.Yes,don't roll your eyes haha 

Wearing:The life out of my green fur slides!I love them,they are my go to shoes at the moment

Following:A skincare routine that's proving effective.My face has a mind of it's own so I'm not going to jinx it

Noticing:The importance of knowing a dress code for an event you're attending. I wasn't happy turning up to an almost black-tie event in casual clothes!I had a cap on! Face-palm.Sigh

Feeling:Wholly excited!Happy new month,May celebration and thanksgiving be your portion!

Till next time...

*stay graceful*