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I have written about  StyleWe before and if you are a  red jumpsuits kinda girl, pause reading this post and rush to their website for the awesome pieces they have on sale. I've featured few items sitting pretty in  my wishlist from the StyleWe collection and undoubtedly, my favorite piece is the off the shoulder top. I do love some detail and that embroidery is an approval stamp!
Visit to see more of the exclusive fashion there is and believe me you will not want to  close the tab unless you  buy something.
They have amazing staff always online and willing to help if you have any inquiries.

My posts normally favor ladies but today I have a gift wrapped up for guys.It's this how to wear a beanie for guys post ☺
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*stay graceful*


Although I have several outfit posts featuring long skirts, I believe they are the hardest item to style. It gets more complicated when the skirt is not a neutral color and you have a white headscarf to finish the look! If you have long skirt problems, this right here is your remedy!I'm your fairy god stylist

I was in love with this gorgeous skirt because of the color,how it fits like a glove , how it has a mermaid look to it. I paired it with an off white blouse, a cape blazer and the only kitten heels in my closet. Since I don't own a white bag, I decided to hold onto my structured beige bag that I've owned for the past three years. You might be wondering why I said I WAS in love with the skirt, long story short,life happened.My little sister now owns it haha Tell me what you prefer,with the cape or without?

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*Stay graceful*

Taking Stock Sixteen

Well.. hello there!I had a long long hiatus and had you been wondering why,this stock has all the answers 👇 

Making :No effort to adjust to a different time zone.I had a few days of difficulty but I'm back in formation. 

Drinking :TEA My little sister brought me a variety of tea(s) and i've been enjoying several flavors i'm not even bragging 

Reading : I have been reading around the rainbow. If he's sinful
Capture a stranger,How to unleash your greatness and The perfect 10  

Wanting :Nothing more than being truly,shamelessly happy.  

Grateful for:A great and   awesome-ntastic family reunion last Christmas. I had the best three months and I can't wait for the  next one.

Looking:Different after being home in a long time. I'm surprised that everyone is telling me I lost weight yet I was eating like my life depended on it.

Smelling:Lady Million. You know how it is when you get into your mum's handbag and you find a perfume?The rest is history 

Knowing:The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken. The elders have spoken lol(If you watch African movies you'll understand the elders part)
Bookmarking:March 26th

Opening:A diary that i awarded myself from mum's chest of drawers

Watching:Reign. I have been a couch potato since i learnt of this series.It's the most unproductive thing to do but trust me its worth it😉

Giggling:Whenever I think of some if not all the crazy things my nephew did and said when we were together. We made memories that will last a life time

Feeling:At ease. I don't know if it's not a good thing but this year is the only one i can remember that I didn't start with a list of resolutions.Don't get me wrong..I do have some goals but if you ask what my resolutions are,it's a whole new story  

Cooking:Has been the last thing on my to do list.   

Playing:All songs in my phone without hitting the skip button. It's me who downloaded the songs so I might as well listen to them all. I know it sounds like a punishment hehe   

Enjoying:Jotting down powerful quotes that I come across. My favorite one is "God is greater than all the highs and the lows" No joke,I had a dream getting that quote tattooed on my arm! 

Liking:The color on my nails and toes. It's one thing to decide a polish color at the nail salon,it's another to continue liking it for the weeks to come  

Wearing: Formal clothes

Following:Your heart is a good idea until you need to take your brain with you. It's a cliche phrase yet most of us don't know what it really means.

Noticing:I'm almost done with taking stock yet I didn't say Happy New Year since I was mia. I did not have continuous  Wi-fi so I decided to be consistent with not posting.I'm back

Feeling:Excited,it's a new month after all. Here's to wishing you a great March. 

**Stay graceful**