This has been the longest time I've gone MIA but I promise it will be the last I do so intentionally. I hate to be a girl full of  excuses therefore,this post will be the resumption of regular programming.

I am not very adventurous color-wise, #justputtingitoutthere but when I saw this dress and tried it on I said orange was pigmented for me! A friend of mine made me try a similar one because the person she was buying it for was miles away needless to say I couldn't wait to own a hot number! Buying it on sale consummated my belief that I was born to wear orange. Weeks later,I discovered Orange according to color psychology brings spontaneity,positivity and the list goes on. Did I mention how confident I feel wearing the dress or did I just show you the photos!

Till next time be spontaneous and..
*Stay graceful*

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