The struggle to write a meaningful and original blog post is real sometimes.I don't mean to be boastful but the previous posts I've come up with did not take a looong time to brainstorm and put together like this one you are reading right here. I've heard about the writer's block and I honestly had no clue how that felt until I experienced my own blogger's block this week.
Before 'the overcoming testimony' gets too lengthy,I finally got help and here is the  idea,turned post. Every beginning of a new school term, the night before my  sisters and I went back to school,without fail my parents would emphasize on why we should do extremely well in school. Among the many encouraging words, I have a few phrases that I still have in mind to date. My mum never failed to say upenyu mwene wahwo, a Shona saying translating life is what you make it. They (my mum &dad) would make sure the phrase make hay while the sun shines is loud and clear. What seemed like a broken record back then molded us into driven people,aspiring and working towards a life we want. 
From those long talks I dreaded back then, I learnt that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to because what the mind believes,the body achieves. Like I've been preaching ever-since, stop giving excuses,get up and do what you said you were going to start tomorrow. 
Did you notice that 'the top' is actually a dress that I once styled here ? 
Stay graceful.


So there comes a time in life where you no longer have to 'call an adult' when you face a situation. There comes a time when you have to make life changing decisions without necessarily asking for a go ahead from an adult,because you yourself is one now. That time when someone stops by at the house and will not ask you to call the adult because you are! I did not think adulting was going to catch up with me so quickly,where does time go!
Trust me I'm not complaining, I'm just saying sometimes it's overwhelming.And why didn't anyone tell me there was no manual or 'how to adult' YouTube videos? Haha Since there aren't any step by step how to be an adult videos out there,I'm just here figuring it all out as it comes.Friendships,relationships,school,money,20's,a good relationship with God,trying to get those abs,flawless skin and healthy hair. Everything!How is adulting going for you guys?Let your girl know.


I was a few sentences away from making this post about color psychology, focusing on the gorgeous green of course. I almost pointed out that it's fate that made green to be my favorite color when my name starts with a g just like green! You were almost about to read that I discovered about birthstones and mine is a peridot, a green gemstone but then I thought that would be too much for you to process.

I'm aware green is associated with envy in other parts of the words-world and that reminds me of recent events.There are certain individuals who get envious to the extent of making up ridiculous stories that dim lights for those they are jealous of. Jealousy is an emotion that anyone shouldn't entertain because it basically spells out insecurity and fear. I know it maybe difficult to stop chronic jealous just like that but i'm sure it can be worked on so that the next time you see someone doing well for themselves,you stand up and cheer them on.It's free.
After all has been said and blogged,I know think green looks good on me .^.


Before going to uni,I had a great opportunity to be a school teacher twice and that period was one of the most exciting times in my life. I must admit that the teaching work sometimes got the best of me but I really had a good six months. I remember those days vividly, the friends I made from there and  the memories that are now archived to be stories for a life time. 

I loved my second teaching job more because I had gained some experience from the first one, there was a reliable lunch source, I was specializing in one subject so that meant less planning. I also loved the fact that I got the opportunity to wear casual outfits once a week!Trust me it was a bonus peck of teaching there.When I put together this outfit,I could not help but feel nostalgic about the casual days at work, it would have been a perfect fit. I do love the mixed textures,the shades of blue and the gold  detail  on the bag and shoes.I have no clue why half the photos have me shying away from the camera lens. Either way, enjoy your weekend xx

Taking Stock Thirteen

Making :A conscious decision to enjoy every moment of my life.Those lazy days,eventful days and everything in between. I want to make that 'life is what you make it' cliche,a rule to live by.   

Drinking :I have a friend who buys flavored tea and I on the other hand,collect it for my consumption. I've been drinking apple&green tea,the best combination I've tasted to date.  

Reading : The Tides of Memory by Sidney Sheldon.Check the other book on bookmark,yes I read two books in August.

Wanting :To try out gel nails.A couple of friends recommended that I do.I'm however concerned that they may break my long,beautiful, healthy nails.  

Looking:Forward to a skipping challenge that I'm starting today the 1st. I have been lazying around in terms of exercising. I'm sure a 31 day challenge will bring back my mojo.  

Wondering:Who came up with the "100 layers of something" trend on YouTube!I saw some very disturbing layers,a 100 layers of duck-tape on someone's face is one of them.  

Smelling:Nivea and green tea  

Knowing:Sometimes you have to clap back when people leave nasty comments about you online. I'm not sure about how far the clap back should get though. 
Bookmarking:The mastery of love by Don Ruiz.I'm recommending you to read it. 

 Opening:One tab at a time.I was getting used to open several tabs at once..facebook,pintrest,youtube,couchtuner,all at once.I choose not to be a tab hoarder!  

Giggling:I watched Confessions of a shopaholic and the main character was in so much debt yet she kept swiping her credit card. Funny part is,whenever she passed by a shop,the mannequins called her to come and buy until one day when she was 'delivered'.The same mannequins clapped for her.If this doesn't sound funny,look for the movie and watch it haha  

Feeling:Very hot.I can not begin to explain how Malaysia blows heat everyday. 

Cooking:I think I now have a secret recipe!After cooking the same thing twice and loving the experimental taste,this girl now has a signature recipe.^.    

Playing:All songs that I know the lyrics/ words to.I love sing-alongs  

Enjoying:Watching my niece grow!She's already two months and from the first day I saw her,I knew I had seen her the mirror. Trust me she's my twin.  

Liking:I saw a quote that changed the way I look at some situations.It said'Not all doors closed are locked.Push!' Ain't it the most encouraging saying ever? 
Wearing:I'm sure my yellow wedges say a silent prayer that I don't pick them each time I open my wardrobe. I have worn the life out of those shoes.Sorry not sorry  

Following:A YouTuber called Lily Singh.She is a strong inspiration and it's amazing how she got out of depression and started living out loud.    

Noticing:Putting my phone on airplane mode just before I sleep is slowly becoming a routine that I look forward to. I'm always checking my phone and have been trying to reduce the time I do.I feel this new routine will soon become one of my good habits.  

Feeling:Excited to see what September has in store,happy new month. May God perfect all that concerns you!