Blowing your own trumpet is not the best of attributes you can have but, a little blowing won't do any harm. I believe in self love so much that when I saw Nicole Nyasha's post on the aspect, I got inspired. Check out her blog for the juice. As I was saying, being your own cheerleader is mandatory because that way, you don't need/crave people's validation. While you flourish from the good compliments and positive criticism, be first, your number one fan. Love yourself and learn new things about you every day. Self love is the best love.


Someone stepped into my house for the first time and without me asking for a 'review' they said my house was neat! I did not see that one-word-definition-of-my-house coming but I quickly took that compliment and shelved it. Since I now know that I have a neat house, house rules are going uphill haha. I love neutral colors and like I have said before, I think it's rubbing off my mother because she is the queen of neutrals. This wrap blouse was passed down to me by my sister(pecks of having sisters), but I had no clue on how I was going to wear it without robbing it of it's uniqueness and detail.. then the 'neatness' scenario happened. I don't know about you but I think this outfit is the definition of neat! Neat, crisp, simple and chic but NEAT. Happy New Week xx


One of the trends I've undoubtedly fell in love with is the off-the shoulder. It is feminine, soft and is the perfect piece for any girlie-girl out there. has all the trendy pieces that I suggest you check out. The prices are very affordable and shipping happens in a jift, very fast! I love me some cute Shein pieces and their great discounts. My birthday is coming right up and i'm just hinting you of what i'm wishing for .^.



I don't know if you have noticed but I hardly smile in my photos, I smize!(smiling with my eyes) Had you been wondering, here is why. I told myself I look prettier smizing, my smile is not picture-perfect, I don't know how to smile, at least in photos...the reasons for not smiling  go on and on and on. So,why are you smiling on this post then? Well, I wanted to see how it would come out, wanted to break a habit, I wanted to show off my teeth! Not really. With this outcome, I guess you all will be getting more of that smile. Smiling over smizing, what do you think?


Traveling leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller so here i am with episode two of our travel series. Check out part one,if you haven't already. Getting to the hotel, a gist session was held and slept to be well rested for the next day's adventure. After breakfast the next morning, we explored the clock tower and a really gorgeous church that has stood the test of time. We also went on a river cruise that revealed more of the city that we had never imagined! Did I mention that we explored an entire historic city in less than 24 hours? Keep your eyes peeled for some how to explore tips!


How to deal with rumours

Have you ever heard crazy, untrue and ridiculous lies about you? Lucky you, if you haven't because I have heard a lot. As if it's the first time, I always put myself to scrutiny after learning the news. I want to believe I will be looking for possible reasons that cause such stories to be made up but of cause you guessed right, there are never any! 
It's funny that the same first idea comes to mind, deal with them, they should have known better! Haha, hilarious ideas always troop in but do I ever do any of those?Of course not, it all ends in the planning session. Well, since I'm gossiped about quite a lot, I have a 'first aid kit' that might come in handy the next time those 'they were saying'screenshots reflect in your inbox!
1.Confront the person. I did not say insult. Most times, gossip is often spiced up such  that what you receive on the broken telephone is not what exactly was sent. Confrontation clears up the air, you get to know the truth and in the process you put a fear in the gossip cook!
2.Don't plot for revenge. You want to travel the high road so news flash, the high road has no lanes for avengers. By the way did you watch The avengers? Great movie right?
3.Next band-aid, tell someone you trust or who undoubtedly cares for you. It always feel better after you talk out your feelings to someone who truely cares. Oh and while you are on it, remember not to stir in some lies. I know the temptation is real.

4.Last of the remedies, Move On! Life is too precious to hold on to lies that were said about you, besides some more lies about you are brewing right about now. Just know,There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. 


I love because they have gorgeous pieces with detail and you already know I'm all about that detail! I have a really simple style so I make sure the maxi dress, maxi skirt, blazer, midi dress/skirt ,whatever I'm wearing has one thing that makes it stand out. Undoubtedly, this buttoned -front denim skirt's  detail is a fashion statement that anyone can interpret. It's one of those pieces that can be won anywhere fun, casual, chic or even formal if you pair it with a statement blazer and heels OR, if you don't mind breaking the office rules. Fearless is the new fun anyway. 
P.S Don't try this at work hehe


Happy new month peeps, I'm sure I did wish you a great happy July in my last post but it doesn't matter right? June ended on a very high note for me and what happened is probably one of the best highs I've had this year. I'm an aunt, again! If you remember from this taking stock, I highlighted I was looking forward to the next seven weeks. Well, seven weeks went by so fast and baby Isabella is here. This outfit is something I would wear to her teacher-parent consultation. Yes i'm already planning for those auntie duties .^. My heart is full and would want you guys to suggest where else I could rock this pink-girlie-girl outfit.