Happy Mother's Day

There is a super power called being a mum and I have no doubt my mother is a pro in harnessing it. I love my mother,not because it's mother's day but because she is the truest most loyal person in my life. That does not mean we always get along mm no. There are days when  she is not the biggest fan of my ideas, my outfit, my behavior et cetera but all the disagreements are in love. 
She has my best interest at heart and if I could be half the woman and mother she is,then you can't tell me nothin

Since I thought to share a little about her today, I  might as well drop a fun fact. Think tea,think my mother! She is a serious tea lover such that if you want to ask for something from her,clear the path with a cup of tea and with all things being equally, she will say yes. That trick has made it possible for me to borrow her handbags, get permission to go out with friends, stay longer than my curfew,the list is endless. Believe me tea always does the magic. The  love I have for  my mother is infinite.

You probably have read about my nephew in my taking stock. He doesn't have anything to do with mother's day but his mum,my sister is the best mother anyone can have. Being the spectator, I've seen how she does her best to make my nephew happy,teach him to be a good human and most of all how she loves him. 
These two are the closest mothers I personally know and through them,I believe in undying love,loyalty, caring without expecting to be paid, volunteering,to say the least. They say any woman can have a child but it takes a special one to be a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there doing their best  to raise their children to be the best versions of themselves  possible.
P.S We appreciate you!

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