I'm biased when it comes to colors and novels. It's either green , Sidney Sheldon or Danielle Steele. Yes I am biased,just in colors and novels. Although my love for green is deeper than deep, I happen to own quite a number of blue pieces! You know how it is when you pick cute pieces on very different days and only discover they are the same shade of a certain color?If that is not some form of fate then it's certainly destiny!Destined. Cute. Pieces
Do you have such in your wardrobe? Findings in mine blew blue me away!  

On the clock with the wise.

Ever heard the verse "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid."? I heard it several times whenever I went for women fellowship with my mother. It so happened that each time I accompanied her, someone preached that very verse..Proverbs 12 verse 1 it is but very deep in my native language(Shona) and if you have your native language bible, you might want to look it up.
We have been on a rush/stampede/race to be known more, to be prettier, wealthier, more educated etcetera but we hardly work as hard to be wiser,maybe a few do. If only we worked as hard to be wise as we do to be wealthy or beautiful.
'What's this girl talking about?' I'm all about us gaining wisdom, being wise(r) so that we can be wholesome people. I have noticed that each time I read self help books, open some wise-blogs, read my bible, I truthfully gain some knowledge. Although I might not follow all that was said, I still have the words at the back of my head and they get handy when I least expect.

We can also get wiser through talking to older,experienced people. It will be of no use, spending an entire hour with an elderly person who does not have anything figured out. I know you can learn something from everyone you meet but can't you select or prioritize  what to learn first? You can right?

Most times,conversations with older people are not rosy. You can be saying something jokingly then it backfires into some lecture..the struggle is real. However, even if these chit-chats have 'danger' attached to them and you might have sworn never to be part of them ever again, let me just tell you : you are short changing yourself. These grown ups will help you with idea generation, and that's why I said choose wisely. They will counsel you, encourage you and you get to know their point of view concerning everything,basically.
I know I'm sounding like an advocate for the elders' council but it's just that I had great a time with some really wise people and I thought through sharing, you too might meet, call, Skype..communicate with the wisest person you know and they can advise you on a few things. I have a girls day out today so bye for now.



 Six months ago,on a Sunday evening,I decided to create a blog. I wanted to see how the whole idea works,how blogging is different from or similar to anything else,I was just curious to be honest.I am in awe that six good months have already come and gone and I do not regret starting this journey.

I am calling it a journey because i had no prior experience, I was clueless,but with a passion and curiosity. I guess I did not want to be a cat*smile if you get it* The past months have been interesting,adventurous, tiring.I had days when I doubted myself,questioned myself if I should continue,what my friends think,what random people think, if I am good enough. I have since learned and understood why they say you can be your own enemy/nay-sayer/setback/discouragement, if you are not careful.
Don't get me wrong,self criticism is essential.I believe you can be a humble human if you question and criticize yourself once in a while BUT, if you do not believe in yourself then who will?
My economics lecturer introduced me to that word and it simply refers to continuous improvement. Daily,weekly,monthly,annually improving yourself/business/organization etcetera. This, i believe is what has been happening the past months in my blogging life. Though I was in doubt,filled with fear, I have been constantly trying to improve and will continue.
I am very,very grateful to my friends who have not only been my supporters but my motivation. I started the blog using my friend's iPad and my other friend's phone to take the photos,bless your hearts.I will buy you Nando's when i hammer haha.

   There were times when I will be thinking of quitting, but would see a shared post of my blog,a comment,a retweet,a mention..the list goes on. My heart is full.

I am also very grateful to everyone who continue to visit,for the thousands of views my blog has now, the beautiful and encouraging comments,the love. I am thankful. 
Cheers to my photographer!He is God-sent xx
Here is to a SIX MONTH MILESTONE and to many,very many other milestones.Let's do this,with God all things are possible.

Taking Stock Six

Making :  Sure i live in the moment, i have been putting so much pressure on myself lately. Guess its the 'new year resolution' spirit

Drinking : For the past days sparkling juice. I remain faithful to good ol' water though,and tea!

Reading : The richest man in Babylon. That book is hashtag goals

Wanting : Nothing. For now.

Looking:  At picture frames with some of my favorite people. It's all about being around positive energy right? They are on my studying desk by the way.
Wasting: Mm, I haven't been waste-ful

Wishing:  The weather would stay like this forever if possible. The heat is no joke, thank God for the rains and cloudy days.        

Waiting: For the rain to stop so that I can go to seven-eleven. I sound quite undecided about how I want the weather to be like right?

Wondering: Why bad news or false news spreads way faster than the good news. Why do some people choose to be shady yet, light is more interesting to spread?

Loving: The fact that some of my favorite series are back from the holiday break. 

Hoping: I continue enjoying the moment, like i already said. It's one thing to plan ahead and another to be anxious instead of taking it slow and trust the process.

Marveling: That it's exactly six months since i started my blog, one Sunday evening. I am glad i took that first step! Cheers, i'll drink water to that haha.

Needing: To stay focused and finish off whats left for me to do school-wise 

Smelling: Glade air-freshener. Its that 'clean linen' version of it, i love it!

Knowing: Hmm I am not going to write what but just know i now know something pretty exciting. I will probably share it soon.

Thinking: Happy thoughts. Like I said earlier, I have not been taking it easy on myself lately so I'm making up for it.

Bookmarking: February 4th. Today marks six months since I started this blogging life.

Opening: Some Nigerian goodies my friend brought for me. Bless you dearest!

Giggling: We (my two sisters and I) had a three and a half skype call the other day and believe it or not, i still am giggling at some of the insane things those girls were talking about! It's those random flashes of the conversation that crack me up but will just giggle instead. Sisters are a blessing.

Feeling: Cabin fever creeping in. 

Cooking : I have been so experimental this week,and the previous one, from wraps to rice..a whole lot to be honest. I guess people on my SnapChat thought i'm now a die hard foodie

Playing: Zimbabwean music. Again,my SnapChat can testify:)

Enjoying: Skype dates with my nephew Jr. He is the cutest thing ever!His accent is soothing,the innocence is real. Okay, I will end here but yes, I am enjoying the auntie-moments

Liking: Very many songs lately. Rihanna's Anti album is so good, Work is my favorite song so far.

Wearing: My pink tee with minions

Following: I have not been doing any following

Noticing: That these taking stocks are really taking stock,if you know what I mean. It's really looking back into past and present activities, not random jotting down of things.

Feeling:   Humbled and excited because of some recent happenings. 


 Nothing is new in the fashion world to be honest. I have seen some of the pieces topping fashion these days, in my mother's photos and got me wishing my mum had kept clothes from her twenties. Imagine wearing a vintage crop top!Oh well, i will probably lock away this brown skirt and the over-sized blazer so that my daughter can have some vintage pieces. The skirt reminds me of the 90's wrap overs that almost every skirt-girl owned. My big sister owned one and boy how i wished to wear it,I couldn't because the owner guarded it with her life haha.
 This look got me feeling sophisticated, that office girl slaying..(is the word still existing?) The blazer was thrifted and it's one of my best buys so far.While we are on the 'fars', happy new month guys.May February be everything you want it to be :)