Trends come and go and there are always the ones that stay for a while more than others. In my closet, the  peplum and crop fever still reigns and i find ways to incorporate them in my outfits. Although i love crop tops, i can not wear it with my abs out. Haha joke of the day..i don't have them yet but even if i had, i can not. My love for this garment made me to partner it with this white maxi, without revealing my tummy. 
I love the look and am still looking for other ways to wear my crop tops. Any suggestions?

Pet Peeves!

You know how you get so angry at things that look 'normal' to other people?..that's exactly what this post is all about today. I know I am not the only one who gets annoyed once in a while. By the way, i am not by any means confessing i am the most annoyed person.Rather, i'm just  airing out some petty things that still get into my nerves regardless.
  •  When you are in a nail salon and the technician keeps making mistakes and removing the polish several times! She wants to make it perfect but girl,I do not have the whole day.
  • On a bus, a full bus and the driver keeps stopping to pick up more people. Oga abeg, can't you see we are already full? Call me inconsiderate but if a bus is full should we not reach our destination just the way we are?
  • When the cashier holds up my money to see if the note is  real! The heck.
  • Ordering food at the fast food restaurant and they take a whole lot of time to bring your order. Ah, don't we call it fast food for a reason?
  •  People who chew with their mouths open or talk with food still in their mouths.
  • When the toilet sit is left up!!!
  • People who peep into my phone while I text on the bus or train. He he shall i hand it over to you to proof read?
  • People who say 'Me, I' What on earth is that?
  • When a wrong number calls and after they know it was a wrong number, go ahead and ask who i am. Eh?
  • People who play music in public with no earphones. I believe there is a special place for those people.
  • Gold diggers. I mean nose pickers!
  • People who reply one word/letter answers on whatsapp! K. Really?
What are some of your pet peeves? Do we have any in common, let your girl know. Enjoy your weekend:)



Life favors those who speak out and ask for help. It's a good habit to ask for help or what you need when you don't have access to what ever you want. Society has made us believe that being on the receiving end is a sign of lack or weakness but truth is we all need help. No man is an island. 
I always wanted to own a dress like this one. I asked, and guess who owns a gorgeous dress rich in color? Alluding to 'Into the Woods', everyone in that movie from Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack got help when they called out for it. In a nutshell, the message from everyone in 'Into the woods' and I is, be vocal. There are people willing to help!

Taking Stock Five

Making : It a habit to moisturize with coconut oil before i sleep every night

Drinking : Water,religiously.I have cut out juice from my diet for   a while now.

Reading : Let it go by T.D Jakes. It's more like my morning read 

Wanting : To be the best version of me as possible

Looking:  For ways to improve my life in all aspects. New year new me. Not really. Same me but the modified version

Wasting: No time in criticizing people or nose poking. These things can become a habit slowly,you know?

Wishing: Everyone a great 2016. I want us all to prosper and be happy                      

Waiting: For four pm to strike. Ask me why.

Wondering: If walking into spider webs has a special meaning or just a sign of  being clumsy! This girl has been trapped in many lately.

Loving: Watching Food Network. Believe it or not, it's this year that i started watching it and boy that channel is addictive. I get hungry each minute of starring on the screen though.

Hoping: I travel more this year. 

Marveling: At how i'm doing well with the Daniel fast. I think i will shed some light once the 21 days over. 

Needing: A pedicure! No joke. I am convinced my toe nails need a professional touch or maybe i just want the pedicure. A girl can just get pampered right? Right. 

Smelling: Dettol. There has been some cleaning going on so the clean smell is still lingering. 

Knowing: That God loves me and you equally.

Thinking: Positive thoughts. I can't believe I will soon be just two years away from hitting a quarter century. Do the math.

Bookmarking: 2Timothy 1 verse 7

Opening: Shower cream. It has goat milk and that excites me! Milky baths yay

Giggling: At what my little sister was saying concerning national identity cards and how she got hers. They grow so fast huh.

Feeling: Better after days of unforgiving myself for loosing my phone.

Cooking : Most vegetarian recipes i'm coming across. It's funny how i got so angry at my mother for cooking meatless dishes growing up. 

Playing: A playlist by Oluchi Okeke I love her voice and her choice of words/lyrics.

Enjoying: Discovering new music, series and tricks. You might want to look for the Haves and the Have-Nots if you aren't watching it already.

Liking: That i will soon be getting some Zim goodies soon. Fly time fly!

Wearing: A sporty outfit

Following: My favorite YouTubers and bloggers like never before.It's amazing how you can get attached to people you've never seen

Noticing: That i have managed to maintain my weight for sometime now. I'm still working on getting toned and all that goodness that comes with exercise.

Feeling:   Optimistic, grateful, blessed...


 The grass is greener on the other side for most people hence they live the rest of their lives in envy. Contrary to their belief, we (you and i) know the grass is always greener where you water it! Unless its artificial lol. I hope among your new year's resolutions is your sincere promise to stay in your lane, your whole lane and nothing but your lane. Make it your business to mind your own business this year and before you know it, you will be asked on how you're keeping your grass so green.