Polo-neck sweaters (at least that's what I grew up calling them) have this chic,put together vibe that suits any and every occasion. I later started calling them turtle neck sweaters when I discovered that every magazine and fashion expert called them that. This outfit was a result of one of those 'aha' moments in any wardrobe-organizing girl who think they have nothing to wear. Buying the skirt and shoes separately,it never occurred to me that they could slay together like this. 
I've already shared about a Snapchat account that I follow @zimconnect and  in as much as some hosts on there come with this perfect life bottled together for the audience, some come as real as possible and those hosts are mostly my favorite ones. I've watched some truths that are humbling and encourage me to be grateful and stay grateful, some that cause me to put on my jogging shoes and workout, some inspire me to be the best version of myself as possible. There are some that stir me up to walk in my truth and I thought I should share one truth. I bought this polo/turtle neck sweater on a serious bargain!I love sales and follow me on snapchat @graceaug2 
Till next time
*Stay graceful*


It takes time and wise buying to build a wardrobe that makes a statement,a wardrobe that doesn't push you into breaking the bank or one that is NOT in constant need of an upgrade. Stylewe.com is your one stop fashion fix if you're looking for statement pieces,for any season, at any amount. I'm a preacher of the good word: dressing chic on a budget and Stylewe.com offers that and more. I've selected some of my favorite pieces from their collection but you should check them out on your own so that I don't short-change you. You could also tweet them for any fashion inquiries!
Till next time..
*Stay graceful*

Taking stock fifteen

Making :Sure I don't forget to take my daily dose of Vitamin C  

Drinking :Strawberry lemonade for the first time was the highlight of my month in drinks. I have no words to describe the fresh taste and my discovery that lemonade is not always lemony. 

Reading :An Amish Kitchen    

Wanting :To dye my natural hair.I'm aware of the cons dye comes with but life is meant for experimenting right? 

Grateful for:
Life,family,friends,food,shelter,good health. The list is endless 

Looking:For a blog template that speaks directly to me. The struggle to find the perfect template has been real.I'm sure you've noticed I'm back to the default template.It's a long story.  

Smelling:A perfume that I collected from my friend's house.It's one of the strongest scented perfumes I've owned.  

Knowing:Depriving yourself from doing the things you love can ignite depression.Small things like the usual nail appointments,jogging,hanging out with friends,getting out of the house often might look minor but trust me they have an impact on your well being. 
Bookmarking:Christmas.Let the countdown begin 

Opening:Don't judge me but I'm about to open a facial cleanser that I want to try.I know I should stick to one product at a time but it's easier said than done.I'm just looking for a product that workkkks. 

Watching:The Great Australian Spelling Bee. I love the show and the extremely intelligent and talented kids that participate. There were some crazy big spellings that I had no clue existed yet, 8 year olds were spelling them correct. Talk about child goals.

Giggling:I now know that what goes around comes back around!Growing up,my big sister used to take meat from our plates..(my little sisters and I plates) and now that she has a son,he does exactly what she used to do!

Feeling:Hopeful and optimistic about many things.  

Cooking:I should probably start looking up new recipes to spice up my cooking skills.   

Playing:Solange's "Cranes in the sky" Every.Chance.I.Get.   

Enjoying:The little things like watching Legend of the Seeker and taking photos of the sunset.

Liking:The encouraging feedback that I get from people concerning my blog.It's these encouragements that motivate me when I don't feel like being here. P.S i had the most views on my previous post. Thanks guys!  

Wearing:I kinda had a 'uniform' this month. Most people would compliment on my outfit then ask if I'm going to the gym lol. Athleisure got the best of me

Following:More and more artsy people on Instagram. I'm not very artistic myself but I have an eye for fine,beautiful art.
Noticing:I get irritated easily these days.I need to work on that and continue renewing my mind. 

Feeling:Grateful for the new month upon us.Just one more month and 2016 is over!Wow.Happy Yesvember ya'll
*Stay graceful*


This has been the longest time I've gone MIA but I promise it will be the last I do so intentionally. I hate to be a girl full of  excuses therefore,this post will be the resumption of regular programming.

I am not very adventurous color-wise, #justputtingitoutthere but when I saw this dress and tried it on I said orange was pigmented for me! A friend of mine made me try a similar one because the person she was buying it for was miles away needless to say I couldn't wait to own a hot number! Buying it on sale consummated my belief that I was born to wear orange. Weeks later,I discovered Orange according to color psychology brings spontaneity,positivity and the list goes on. Did I mention how confident I feel wearing the dress or did I just show you the photos!

Till next time be spontaneous and..
*Stay graceful*


Cute is the last word anyone can use to describe clothes in my wardrobe. I have said it before that I'm not a girly-girl, the number of pink items that I own are less than a handful. I remember his face when I told him that my favorite color was green and I don't own anything pink (three years ago) He was truly surprised because he had the stereotype that girls and pink are thick as thieves! 

Overtime, I have opened doors to some pink. Firstly, it was a birthday gift, a pair of pink heels  that I had no real love for  then this dress that I bought trying to monochrome it with the pink gift, then..more pink pieces. Of all the few that I own, this blazer is what pink means to me. Dainty, feminine, soft, true,love oversized,strong! Given this outfit, where would you wear it to?I would certainly wear this to work, a wedding or date night. To church too!
       *Till next time,stay graceful*

Taking Stock Fourteen

I haven't been blogging much these past few weeks but after this post ,it's going to be business as 
usual.Let's take stock.Shall we?

Making :This stock taking a true and honest reflection of what the past 31 days were punctuated with.I'm basically putting all my cards on the table.you should see my face typing this  

Drinking :Detox water(lemon,mint&ginger)I just jumped on the mister's idea to be honest 

Reading :I read the tiniest book.It's tiny in size and has a few pages but if I start to talk about what I learnt from it,it will be a post on it's own.In-case you're wondering the title,it's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success    

Wanting :My hair to be taken care of so that I reduce the handling else only two strands will be left on my scalp lol. Truth is,I am now tired of the handling I almost thought of cutting it.It's that serious.  

Looking:Forward to an important presentation these coming first few weeks of October.  

Wasting:Zero seconds over-thinking, instead I have been watching Merlin.It's a 2008 series  and interesting.

Wishing:It rains.It might now be a broken record but,Malaysian weather is too hot and there's nothing like getting used to the heat.  

Waiting:For my favorite series to come back from Summer break.I'm very invested yet three years ago I couldn't stand series, it's shocking  

Wondering:Why some days it takes more effort to be happy than other days.I know the secret to happiness is choosing to be happy but why then does 'choosing' get harder some days?   


Hoping:To stick to my workout plan that I set for myself and perfecting my selfie-taking skill.Fingers crossed 

Needing:More movies like Ben Hur to be released.If you're looking for a movie to watch,look it up and thank me later. 

Smelling:Apple cider vinegar. A friend told me to try it out as a face toner so I recently started using it.I'll review my experience in the next stock take.  

Knowing:I said I was going to do a skipping challenge which I did but did not reach the end.I'm going to redo 

 Thinking:Of amazing ideas to blog about. I was also thinking of getting cool ideas from you guys.Put them in the comments section.   

Bookmarking:My twitter account.Follow me .^. 

Opening:My bible devotions application first thing when I wake up.I'm glad I downloaded the app because now I have 'handy' devotionals 

Giggling:Every time I watch lyric pranks on YouTube. I also find the spicy ramen challenge hilarious and I can't wait to try it out

Feeling:Excited and thrilled to see how life unfolds.I'm a huge uncertainty avoider but this time around,I'm going with the flow.    

Cooking:So,I tried mafatcook (sorry I don't know their english name but Nigerians call them puff puff and South Africans call them magwinya) It was a disaster.    

Playing:I re-downloaded Spotify so I've been discovering cool new songs.I can now listen to soft music without fast-forwarding!Does that mean I'm getting more patient?Yes?   

Enjoying:The little things like watching beautiful sunsets from the balcony,great food,surprises from the mister,great conversations with friends,the whatsapp group with my mum and sisters that I talked about last stock take.

Liking:A detoxifying clay masque I recently purchased. I like the fact that it has lots of great ingredients such as bentonite,kale,spirulina and parsely.It's like I'm putting vegetables on my face.  

Wearing:Lipstick more.Clap hands for me! 

(Un)Following:There's a snapchat account called zimconnect where different people host for 24hrs.Some are really interesting hence I follow them on their personal accounts only to unfollow a few days later when I discover they aren't that interesting after all ! 

Noticing:I'm keen on keeping myself occupied.Since i'm done with classes, being home isn't something I enjoy doing all the time.Cabin fever is real 

Feeling:Grateful,happy and optimistic about October!The optimistic and October is supposed to rhyme. Happy optimism month! 

*Stay graceful*


The struggle to write a meaningful and original blog post is real sometimes.I don't mean to be boastful but the previous posts I've come up with did not take a looong time to brainstorm and put together like this one you are reading right here. I've heard about the writer's block and I honestly had no clue how that felt until I experienced my own blogger's block this week.
Before 'the overcoming testimony' gets too lengthy,I finally got help and here is the  idea,turned post. Every beginning of a new school term, the night before my  sisters and I went back to school,without fail my parents would emphasize on why we should do extremely well in school. Among the many encouraging words, I have a few phrases that I still have in mind to date. My mum never failed to say upenyu mwene wahwo, a Shona saying translating life is what you make it. They (my mum &dad) would make sure the phrase make hay while the sun shines is loud and clear. What seemed like a broken record back then molded us into driven people,aspiring and working towards a life we want. 
From those long talks I dreaded back then, I learnt that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to because what the mind believes,the body achieves. Like I've been preaching ever-since, stop giving excuses,get up and do what you said you were going to start tomorrow. 
Did you notice that 'the top' is actually a dress that I once styled here ? 
Stay graceful.