I have no idea what transpires on Thanksgiving or the famous turkey-dinner either. I have looked around for hints but all i see are games, recipes, songs and the list goes on. In my head, this is the ideal outfit for Thanksgiving grocery shopping, fun chic and thankful. I love denim and the combination with white is awesome. 
Happy Thanksgiving  everyone, i hope you always give thanks and not wait for the official day/ holiday, because you would have been running your life wrong! Yes, i said so.


 Have you ever looked in your closet and that aha moment strikes? That very moment when you wonder how you've never thought of pairing different pieces sitting pretty all this while? Well, I had that moment when i found everything styled perfectly here. I just love how vibrant peach is, perfect outfit that can be dressed up or down.
Happy Wednesday guys, it is my hope that you're having a good one.


Making : Sure that my nails don't crack otherwise i will cut them all and start again! Please nails...cooperate.

Drinking : Do i need to write this? TEA

Reading : My bible. I am so proud of myself because i have time to read the bible often.

Wanting : Nothing really #content

Looking: Good is an attitude. I think i'm supposed to write what i'm looking at here.Right?

Wasting: No time or energy on randomness. I'm minding my own business more. Yip yip

Wishing: Ehmm                       

Waiting: Patiently for Christmas. I love the sales that comes with it.

Wondering: When exactly Game of Thrones will be back. They said spring 2016 and i still don't know when that is!!

Loving: The fact that i'm done with exams. Is there anyone who likes loves school?

Hoping: I find a solution for something!

Marveling: At the weather these days, i hope it's called marveling.

Needing: A manicure and my mum!

Smelling: A papaya and mango candle that i've had for a while now. The smell is so fruity, obviously but it's just too sweet and fruity! You know what i mean?

Knowing: 2016 is a few days away! Where does time go? I'm ready for it though. (flicks hair)

Thinking: Happy thoughts

Bookmarking: My birthday. August 2nd 2016

Opening: A dress lol. Oh a bottle of .... guess what?

Giggling:At what i wrote on opening^

Feeling:Genuinely fine. I love what life is doing to me at the moment.

Cooking :Jollof rice! I think i have mastered the concept now but as they say, practice makes perfect.

Playing: Oceans by Hillsong. That song speaks to my bone marrow!

Enjoying: Every moment, sounds cliche but that's actually what i'm doing!

Liking: That i am getting more interactive with other bloggers. So much talent out there #bowdown

Wearing: Different things. I have been experimenting quite a lot.

Following: Bloggers and snapchatters! Be sure to write in the comments section; your blog name or snapchat name/ID/handle..what is it called anyway?

Noticing: I have been going with the flow #zeropressure

Feeling: Homesick. It struck me baaaad but i will be fine.


 You know how you want to be completely simple and comfortable but stylish, no heels involved? (sorry men, you might not relate). I was feeling that way on this day and had to look for the perfect colors. It occurred to me that i had created a look which most office workers rock most days. This bag is styled here too and since noone has the  energy to be in heels  365days 8 760 hours , here is  a simple but chic work outfit.  It's never that complicated.


I am clueless why I hated despised  lacey dresses growing up! My mum did not only dress us up (i have three beautiful sisters) the same, but she incorporated lace in almost all our outfits. If it was not a dress you had to be wearing colorful stockings with LACE! Stockings and shoes deserve a different post so I will rest my case.

Now that i'm older, i now appreciate many things my parents made me do or did for me and LACE is one of the things I now love. If only I had kept my childhood lacey dresses, my future kids would have gotten some vintage pieces, but oh well. (SIGH) What are some of the things you hated back then but you regret it now? Please share.
On this day, i paired my white lace with a blue tube skirt that i absolutely love. The heels finished up the look. I wore this to church but where else can I dress like this to? Help a sister out.


Hey there!I am sorry for missing in action, I've been studying for my exams and i'm finally done. God is good. As I was studying, you know how you take those five to ten minutes breaks in between studying? Well, while i was on one of those,it struck me that i ought to be grateful for the ability to spend nights one likes studying but did you know that it's a privilege to be busy? Now you know.

We tend to overlook the many and awesome blessings that are already in our lives and concentrate on complaining instead or  comparison. I talked about it here , check it out if you missed the discussion. Just like faith, hope or trust, gratitude requires practice! It is like a muscle that you consistently work out so that you can reap that toned body thus, you have to make it a habit to see the good in every situation and be grateful.

Gratitude is a passage for many good things to come into your life. It's ironic that a person can be leading a decent life, going out reasonable times, having food on the table each time they feel hungry and a place to sleep yet they are always grumpy. Is that not being selfish putting in mind that some people have less yet, genuinely happy? We ought to be grateful for the things we already have and the ones on the way.

I dislike people who when they receive a gift, scrutinize it (not in the giver's presence though) and might google how much the gift is worth! How rude. It is these kind of people who make the art of gift giving complicated and in turn have destroyed the spirit of random sharing of gifts and exercising gratitude. If you fall in this awful category, try to be thankful for's absolutely free and it's the thought that matters anyway!

While on gratitude, i have a lot that i am grateful for and each morning i say a prayer of thanksgiving. What are you grateful for? If, for any reason you do  not have grateful for the breath of life and the fact that you have a phone, iPad, laptop or whatever device to be scrolling down my blog. On that note, I am truly grateful for you stopping by.
Happy new month! Someone told me it's called Yesvember! 

Until next time