I have discovered that outfit inspiration comes from some of the awkwardest parts of the world! You can get inspired online, on the bus, from a magazine, newspaper, birds, flowers or from people you meet on your way to/from the mall. For what i wore here, i saw a lady on Instagram(i live there lol). She had a royal blue dress and she put in a white crisp blouse, just like how i did with my beige, I sure had fun recreating her look and i'm happy with my result. Life is like that, be inspired BUT don't copy.


I almost titled this post - 'Just do it', then remembered my lecturer talking about intellectual property  rights, copyrights and what-not. I wouldn't want to clash with Nike! I again, almost  named it 'Procrastination is the thief of time', then remembered i once wrote about another thief here and i don't want thieving energy on this space!

Hope you've been keeping well, long time no letter! I do not have a valid reason for not writing, except procrastination. That does not sound good, at all but I'm just glad I have this chance and energy to write again and get back in  my groove.

 I know of many people, including me, who find reasons to postpone certain tasks, rescheduling to do it later in the day or in some cases, deciding not to do the task regardless of it's importance! It is such a bad habit and i'm sure you already know.. a habit turns into character.
To save you from developing procrastination into one of your characteristics, here are ways in which you can get things done despite  feeling 'lazy' 'tired' or thinking you're busy and the task can wait.

  • Admit that you're procrastinating.

You can only address what you're aware of, so what causes you to do that assignment, laundry, work project a day before the due date is nothing but procrastination, therefore, you're a procrastinator.

  • Plan what you want to do

 Failing to plan is planning to fail. Cliche, yet so true. If you have something to do and you're clueless regarding it, you will obviously set it aside till later..and later never comes. Gather your facts and plan.

  • Group the tasks

I know that working on bulky things is not motivating hence the tendency to reschedule or do the work hurriedly. It is advisable to group the work into small attainable tasks and believe it or not, you get motivated and might look for new projects to work on. I'm not sure about this part

  • Don't be hard on yourself

If, for some reason you can not finish up what you intended to finish, rest. You can always be faithful enough to finish up later.

  • Have reasonable breaks in between

This is my favorite part in executing tasks. I always work hard towards awarding myself that quick Instagram break. I have realized that these breaks help you to play and work simultaneously for the win!

  • Reward yourself

Need i say more. We all know how we individually reward ourselves so, go ahead and do that once you're done with that huge pile of files that was on your desk.

Till next time, do you boo


Taking Stock Three

Making : Great use of a free gym trial that i got. It doesn't happen                    every time.Does it?
Cooking :Ehmm, i have a recipe on my mind 

Drinking : You already lemon tea. I have started drinking water faithfully too.

Reading : What did you say?

Wanting : Abs

Looking: At a gorgeous face close to me. Again,i have been looking for ways to make myself better in every aspect of my dear lovely life.

Playing: Two Shona gospel songs. You should check them out because one of them has subtitles and the other one you can just sing along, if you're not Shona. (Ebenezer by Rev Chivaviro &Mhururu by Kuda Mutsvene

Wasting: No time left of 2015. This year has gone by so fast! Did   you achieve any of those 'New year's resolutions'? You still have time.

Wishing: All my favorite series can be on,all year long! 

Enjoying: Life. God is good and the only way i can show gratitude to Him is to responsibly enjoy what He blessed me with.

Waiting: If it was last week, i would say i'm waiting for a camera. I am not waiting for anything,this week

Liking: The fact that exams are close. It's odd,i know but i'm just    excited about being on holiday.

Wondering: How my mum stays so strong and positive

Loving: I already mentioned it somewhere up but it won't hurt if i   repeat. I'm loving the gym deal some good friends of mine hooked me up with. Much love!!!

Hoping: I wake up in the Maldives tomorrow.

Marveling: At my consistency...I sometimes give up on things but this blog right here, has found favor .

Needing: My mum,sisters and i in one room so that we can chat all night without encountering  wi-fi or network issues or time differences. 

Smelling: Watson's strawberry exfoliating body scrub. I think it's 
my new found obsession.Not really.
Wearing:Comfy clothes 
Following: I haven't been..except the coach leading Zumba and body pump.
Noticing: Life goes on,pretty fast actually. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Knowing: Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are back together! Whattt, i'm not a fan of either of them but i just heard and was shocked.

Thinking: Of some cool birthday gift ideas. All the D.I.Ys i'm seeing on Pintrest are almost impossible.

Feeling: Creative. 

Bookmarking: Christmas!All those lights and jingle bells.

Opening: A body wash soon. I think i'm becoming a body wash hoarder slowly. These are not drugs, therefore, ye shan't judge me.

Giggling: At an African movie called Open Marriage. Smh some of the story lines are too exaggerated. Oh boy!

Feeling:Excited about almost everything and grateful for having more than 2000 views here. I appreciate you lurkinnnng! 


Among my other favorite, healthy things to do is travelling. It does not really matter how close or far my destination is, i just love the idea of exploring new places! I had never been to an art gallery and the last time i went to a museum was in my third or fourth grade, ages ago. 
Recently, my school arranged an educational trip to Bank Negara Malaysia & Art Gallery. Is it only me who didn't have the knowledge that a national bank can have a museum showcasing all things ancient and economic? Oh, with an art gallery full of paintings too?
Zim dollar
The tunnel below has real money in it! Is that not a temptation??

Mama i made it. Haha
My first ever epic bathroom and mirror selfie. Their washrooms were gorgeous! Till next time,


Hair discoveries.

O Hail ye NATURALISTAS, I'm sure you can't wait to know what this is about because i too, got curious when i saw a YouTube title  saying 'Water Only Method, washing natural hair'. I asked myself what had made these ladies to use only water on washday! Whaaaat, why ? Is it because shampoo and conditioner prices hiked overnight and they can't afford, or do they now react to baking/ bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar????? Well, i tried the Water Only Method and yes, i have results ya'll.

Firstly, it's not tap water you use, its warm to hot water(temperature depends with how tender your scalp is but it should not be cold). Secondly, you need coconut oil to steam. Here is a where you can check out the process, i'm just here with my results. Water Only Method
I decided to report pros and cons, here it goes:


  1. Your curl pattern is fully defined. How awesome is that!
  2. The scalp gets squeaky clean. #washdaygoals
  3. I got to discover my real hair type. I'm a 4b and i've been thinking i'm a 4c all this while! It doesn't really matter though.
  4. It's more like a detox for your hair, so rejuvenating
  5. A twist out looks twice better than when my hair is loaded with products.
  6. My hair is shiny
  7. I decided to trim the edges, I discovered they have were overdue for a trim
  8. Wash day is obviously shorter

Dry, itchy scalp when you start the regimen. My scalp was used to moisturizers hence, the idea of not putting anything was too drastic. It was only during the first 4 days though. 

Conclusively, I encourage anyone who wants, to try this method. I should say it is one of the best things i've done for my mane so far. However, i think it's not something to completely do for the rest of your hair-life. 
*If you decide to try it out, please give me your feedback and if you have any new hair tips, share with your girl!
Till next time...