I got an invite for an Eid celebration from my good friends and i had a great time! Eid is a Muslim celebration and  on this day, they usually sacrifice a ram/sheep and distribute its meat among family,friends and the poor. So beautiful
Upon the invitation,i had no clue on what to wear so i just thought of wearing something casual but festive, and try to tie a turban in a different way. Hey, it's Eid we talkin' about! 

These pictures were absolutely impromptu as they were taken while we waited for a cab to go home from my friend's place. Unplanned things are priceless!
I know it's late but Happy Eid to all Muslims, may God answer all your prayers! 


An apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

How you doin'? (in Wendy William's voice) here's something that has been on my mind. They say 'an apple does not fall far from the tree' but, what if someone plucks it while on the tree,eats it hence the apple does not fall? Lmao, dry joke 
 The idiom basically depicts that children take up characteristics, behaviors ,traits etcetera, after their parents hence the common phrase 'like father like son'. My question then is, is this true for everyone or there are exceptions and if any, why?

Personally the idiom  applies to me, i took after my parents, yes i did and anyone who knows them can testify. I'm not the quietest person (my dad was),but i am my father's daughter because i say things as they are #nosugarcoating. This is risky sometimes hehe. On the other hand, i'm like my mother, head to toe (i think). Back to the apples, does it mean if a father is a drug addict then the children will be addicted to something too? Do we, the offsprings choose what to take from our parents or it happens automatically? Is it even true?

I have seen so many people who are leaders' children either religious leaders or company leaders yet they have zero to no leadership qualities in them! Is it like the 'appleness' needs activation or, what really happens? On the other hand, some children are talented yet #nooffence, their parents are just people. If you know what i mean. I certainly need answers.

As you've already seen, i don't understand the logic behind this statement/ myth. How far or close can the apple fall and does it choose where to fall? What if it decides not to fall? Help guys,what do you think? Share your views with me.
Till next time


Thai Odyssey

So i got an opportunity to go for a full body massage at Thai Odyssey IOI Mall , so relaxing, nurturing, therapeutic,  the place was so cosy and i could short-change you guys if i just describe! You should definitely check it out if you're in Malaysia or any other countries.

Before we go too far, this was my first time getting a professional massage, they called it aromatherapy so i did not know what to expect. One thing that was definitely running through my mind before i got there, was  a massage of cause, hot stones , slow music and photogenic rooms! Don't judge me. Getting there, my expectations were exceeded.

The reception was awesome, with a beautiful girl who obviously knows how to do her job. She offered tea (herbal something something) ummm no ma'am lol. 

There were beautiful ornaments everywhere and just sitting there is relaxing enough.

A few minutes later, two ladies came and ushered us to a foot washing place. My feet were thoroughly scrubbed. I had to ask for the product name but she didn't know. I guess it was just a polite way to say "it's confidential Miss"

Foot washing ended  and it was time to go to the massage room. Lo and behold, a cosy , cosy and very cosy room. I loved the tulips on the bed, made of white towels. The aromatherapy started, no muscle was left unattended. 

My back got the feel of the massage, the foot massage stands out as my favorite. She moved to my neck then back again, oh my gosh..I wasn't ready. I was surprised to know my one hour was over already! Time runs so fast when you're having a good time. I am not complaining, i just wanted an extension haha. 

There you go guys, that was my first time at the spa. It will not be the last. Definitely. If you get the opportunity, visit a Thai massage center. They know how to do their work! Till next time, and oh:please share how you pamper yourself on a Friday!


Comparison is the thief of joy

Have you ever found yourself frequently visiting someone's instagram feed and spending thirty minutes scrolling on it, or you had intentions of being on that feed for an hour but your thumb snitched you and 'accidentally' liked a photo from 900weeks ago? Me neither! Have you been on facebook longer than you should, stalking people who you don't know or if you do, you aren't that close to them at all? Have you also noticed that after that stalking spree you feel 'different' about yourself or your entire life? Hashtag joy stolen.

Comparing you, your work or where you are in life is not a bad thing because if done the right way, you can get motivated by what the next person is doing. They say the grass is green where it is watered therefore, there is nothing wrong with asking your neighbor where they bought their watering can. I hope it makes sense. What takes away your joy is making what other people are doing, the yardstick for everything. Comparing every tiny bit of the next person's life and wishing it was you. Smh, do you think anyone will envy you too if you continue like that?

Comparison  Obsessive comparison is a highlight of low self esteem because no highly esteemed and confident person can spare some time on knowing what other people are up to so that he will follow suit. Someone who is confident in themselves and their ability, does not subscribe to other people's lives so that they get updates! Did you know that there are life subscriptions these days? Make sure you don't pay monthly subscriptions to other people's lives. Oya, live your own.

People who compare themselves to others are jealous, bitter and obviously unhappy! The more you poke your nose in someone's business, the more successful and eventful that particular person's life tends to get! That's when you will see #beachthings #blessingsonblessings #airpotselfie #graduationEbenezer #### everyday on that person's timeline and you will never get out of that bitterness-jealous boat! In order to avoid bitterness and unnecessary jealousy, stay in your lane, you will get to your destination faster.

Comparison  means you do not trust God and you do not have faith in Him. This is dangerous because without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11 v 6) How does that relate? Well, if you know God and trust him, 'buying' binoculars to see what's happening in so and so's life will not cross your mind, rather, you will invest that time, effort and money and work towards being a better version of you. 
It is quite easy to be caught up in this world of social media, where almost everyone's life seems to be on fleek, but it's never that serious!

I could go on and on but i'm sure i have already highlighted the sad truth about comparing yourself to people. By the way, you are beautiful/handsome/blessed/successful like you and i am everything like me. We are not the same, even our fingers from the same hand are not, so why o why would we want  mere comparison to steal our joy?

Till next time, be you. Do you boo


Oldie, but a goldie still!

Hey there, happy hump-day! Today i thought of sharing this simple but chic look that I styled recently. I love the top/blouse, because first: it's green, second:my mum helped me pick it and lastly because it's been my possession for the past two and a half years! Yes, that long. I was also attracted to it by the detailing, that zip and the tying- situation going on, on  the sides. What are some of the oldest things in your closet that still give you life when you put them on? Keep them closest!

On this day, i paired my goldie with a blue midi skirt, that i absolutely love, some cute green sandals that i got on my birthday (thank God for  birthdays, they upgrade closets)  and a lovely structured bag from a friend. You guessed that right, ON MY BIRTHDAY. Till next time


NO-MORE Mondays

Inspired by Tinashe Mhondamapango
You know how almost everyone thinks Monday is a cursed day, if it were shoes it would be crocs, and all the negativity that comes with a Monday morning? I thought so too since it takes away my weekend and i will have to start school again. Well, this is the worst thing we can do to ourselves hence, we need to start appreciating Mondays. They are simply, an evidence that God is faithful enough to have given us a new week to be awesome! 

Mmm how can i appreciate Monday? Well, i researched a few things that may help you start your week right, motivate you to go to work/school or anywhere that causes you to cringe when your alarm goes off on Monday.

  • Prayer

Praying is an instant boost to a new day and it sure does help you on a Monday

  • Affirmations

These work, if you make it a habit. Affirmations are basically kind motivating words that you tell yourself in front of the mirror, they are pep talks of some sort. Positive affirmations improve and boosts your self esteem.

  • Planning Monday outfits prior

What to wear is one stressful subject even if the closet is full of clothes. The struggle of pairing an outfit can pause as a stress booster on a Monday morning so to stop this, plan what to wear on Sunday.

  • Play your favorite song

This again works, but not for everyone.

  • Eat

A hungry man is an angry man. I don't need to emphasize on hunger-games.

  • Start your journey early

If you are driving, catching a bus or walking to your destination on Monday, do yourself a favor and start the journey early. Nothing screams STRESS more than being stuck in traffic when you have school or work to get to. So the next time you snooze that alarm button on Monday...think about it.

  • Create a reason 

Some of us just start a week with zero goals no wonder Monday is an enemy since it means it's another seven days of eating,sleeping and bathing. Try to create a reason for you to look forward to the new week and because of this, you will bless God and cranky Monday will not know your house!
Till next time

Cheers... Grace

Taking Stock Two

Making : This post. It's called writting though

Cooking : Noodles two days in a roll. P.S not those boarding     

school noodles!

Drinking : Tea with lemon..Heavenly!

Reading : I plead guilty to not reading any book

Wanting : This flu to just go. So irritating

Looking: What am i supposed to write here? Looking with my eyes? If so, my laptop

Playing: No music

Wasting: Nothing

Wishing: The weather was not hazey early this week. I'm sick because of that!

Enjoying: Face-timing with my cute lil sisters

Waiting: To go for a wedding. This girl is super excited.

Liking: My midi rings

Wondering: Whats going through your mind. This stock is meh

Loving: The support i'm getting from people concerning this blog. I'm grateful!

Hoping: I get well soon. I'm not sick actually, just sneezing and keeping tissues close.

Marveling: At how the 'water only method' is working for me

Needing: Nothing in particular. A beach getaway. Absolutely

Smelling: Olive Cream Bath by Watsons. It is the bomb.com but i think they should have named it Olive Bath Cream instead

Wearing: My favorite blue top and high waisted skirt

Following: I haven't been

Noticing: My nails are not splitting anymore! Long nails, hey boo

Knowing: My cuties are doing well at their new school and my mum is equally fine

Thinking: Of my mum. I miss her..called her. Yayy

Feeling: Great

Bookmarking: This post. I don't ever want to be a victim of flue again. 

Opening: Coconut oil on Saturday #washday

Giggling: Yes i are

Feeling: Happy. The weekend is upon us!


 If you haven't figured it out yet or you stumbled on my blog for the first time..hie, i'm Grace and OBSESSED with green. I deeply am attracted to this serene and calm color, i can't explain it lol. I know i'm sounding cheezy but yea, I love it.  I also naturally think Green looks good on me and oh, rhymes with my name lmao!
  Enough about Grace and Green

I am also a fan of maxi dresses, they are modest, easy to style, absolutely flattering and girly. This green maxi dress is among my most precious belongings, i love the shoes too, the blazer, bag,that gold-plate belt and me in the picture. This is the point i'm supposed to say i love this look! Talking about obsessions, the sun glasses i'm wearing fall first on  my 'recents'  list. I got them recently and they haven't spent a day alone ever-since! What are some of your healthy  obsessions? Let me know.


Friday 'Greens'

If you know me well,you already know that Green, Friday and me are inseparable! Maxi dresses are also my middle name,pretty much. They are just so easy to wear and style. They are among those pieces you can wear  going anywhere..to work, with a blazer and heels, for a date with the girls, running errands and many other places. What are the pieces you find versatile? Share with me

Concerning green, it's because green is so calm, so collected and easy to wear. I feel this color just depicts character and i don't wanna brag but i know it looks good on me! #vanitymode 
On the other hand, who doesn't love Fridays?? Below is Friday, Green and Me. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.
NB: Pictures are a bit blurry, please tap on them 


The truth behind the lies!

Ever wondered why people or you, indescribably lie that much? Ever wondered why the only thing you can defend yourself with are lies or why most people defend themselves with lies more than the truth? Well, i always wondered too until i thought to research and know 'the truth behind the lies'. Please note that these are not all the reasons why people or you lie, but just some of the things that i came across and really made sense. 
*What are some of the lies you've heard? Please share. 
Happy learning!
I discovered people lie because they are afraid. This is mostly common in kids but adults lie due to fear too. The next time you or someone lies, ask yourself what you're afraid of because that's the root of your lie. Uproot that and you're lies-free (if there is anything like that)
2.Insecurities and low self esteem
Bamm! Feeling less of yourself causes you to lie basically because you think if you don't lie about who you really are you won't fit in. The cure to this cause is simply loving yourself and doing some self-search so that you don't feel the need to add some 'salt and pepper' so that people view you differently.
3. To continue the gossip or gist!
Most people lie when they are talking about something or someone mostly. This is one of the common ways people lie just so they can continue the conversation or so that whoever is listening can get to hate/love/despise 'the person in question'. I admit to this type of lying. Those stories which require me to add some toppings on that gist. Na'am saying. Well, the cure to this 'additive lying' is to desist from unfruitful talk. PERIOD.

I hope you have found the missing puzzle behind those lies and if  you are a pathological liar, please do something about it because lying is such a bad habit. It's just like picking your nose in public!


PINK...on a Tuesday

I'm a girly-girl but ironically, I am not a fan of pink. I happened to come across this piece  and i automatically saw myself in it and new i would rock the pink out of it lol. Here, I put it together with pink peeptoe heels, my white headscarf, and a pink clutch like bag. 

In other news: 
Can you believe that we are already in September! The year goes by so fassst. Happy new month, may it bring you new blessings and opportunities


I was trying a pose my friend told me to do on the next one. Results show that i'm not that flexible lol