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Making : A joyful noise while I type this. Firstly, the keyboard is ancient and makes noise, I've grown to enjoy the noise and tend to exaggerate the way I hit on the keys. Secondly, September is about to be the best month yet. I know I said the same thing about my birthday month but hey.

Drinking : Should this segment be here still? You and I already know tea has been drunk since August 1993.

Reading :
Several books at once depending on the mood I'll be in. I finally got my hands on Gabrielle Union's 'We are going to need more wine' and it's a great read.

Wanting :To be a normal blogger once more. I'm actually tired of being inconsistent. That's not how I planned this space to be. I also want a magic pill for clear skin. Please and thank you.

Grateful for:Good health,good friends, a loving family, another loving family, the mister, God's protection pretty much.

Smelling: Cucumbers.I'm snacking on one while reflecting on the mixed feelings I had last month.

: About the future!I was talking to myself the other day, marveling at how much can change in the space of a year. Had someone told me how September 2018 was going to be, chances were i'd have laughed in their face. This goes on to show that you don't necessarily have to have everything figured out at once. The in-betweens are equally worth enjoying.

Knowing:Goal setting works. Before 2018 began, I downloaded a Goal Setting Workbook from Glitsxgrace.com
for the sake of it because I wasn't up for writing down resolutions this year. However, I've noticed I ticked off most of the things I'd planned to do. *where do i redeem my bonus points lol* I'm tempted to start writing goals for 2019 down!

Bookmarking:The last week of September. *screams,shouts,rolls on the floor with eggcitement*

Watching:Nada if not for random YouTube videos. I need to watch the new seasons of Power and Insecure though.

Giggling:At some of the lingo my granma uses to describe things and situations. The lady cracks me up every time. 

Cold. You'd think that by now we should be wearing sunglasses but nope. Encouraged to try new things,after attending a World Ventures meeting sometime last month. Grown.

Cooking: I might add baking since I've experimented more with the baking aspect than cooking. Do 3 minute noodles count?I kid.

I have a new favorite song from our church hymn book. Hymn 18 has got me acting selfish towards others' musical needs when I'm djaying in the car.

Enjoying: Every moment. I know it sounds cliche but that's exactly how it has been. I've enjoyed crack of dawn chats with mum *bittersweet*, late night chats with bae, random talks about things, discovering interesting Instagram feeds, going to church camps, road trips. I have been enjoying being a new driver too.

To encourage you and I to live our best lives. To discover new places and ourselves. I'm liking the scent of Gentle Magic soap. I'm liking how September is looking already. Happy new month

Till next time..*stay graceful*


Hello and welcome to this happy and royal new month #monthofthequeen. I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd, just putting it out there haha. I am truly blessed to have reached the silver jubilee milestone, having accomplished some set goals,with a sound mind and all the blessings. Having been around for a few decades, i've picked on some things and yes, you guessed it right..home girl is going to share.
1. Try not to take things personally. Easier said than done, trust me
2. Follow your heart and think as you do
3.Trust in God, put Him first.Always
4. Educate yourself
5.Travel,get the exposure. It doesn't matter if it's to the next neighborhood. Just move
6. It's okay to outgrow people
7.Trust your gut/your sixth sense
8. Celebrate others' achievements
9.Don't be complacent. You will get replaced
10.Moisturize!Don't be ashy.
12. Know God personally. You can always learn more about Him from others but have a personal relationship first.That way, you will not be misled
13.Know the colors, clothes, that look good on you. It's the way to always look put together.
14.People grieve differently
15.Don't be basic
16.Be a dependable person
17.Protect your energy,prioritize your mental health
18.Keep a journal. Write things down (Habakkuk 2;2)
19.You don't have to be friends with everyone
20.Everything happens for a reason
21.Experiment. It's a sure way to discover what works and what doesn't
22.Your skin will act up. Do what you must/can but if that doesn't work. let that face be
23.Read books. Feed your brain
24. You are not cast into stone.Change,evolve, bloom, wilt, bounce back..find yourself and be that
25.Noone is you. Celebrate your individuality always.
      Till next time
                          *stay graceful*

25 life lessons i've learnt

Looking back, the year seems to have grown wings and been flying since January 1st. A lot of things have happened since then and here’s stock of the few I’ve decided to share.

Making :Lists of a variety of things,tea every morning because of the cold. I’m also making time to meditate and reflect and several trips to the internet cafĂ©.

Drinking : Stoney Ginger Beer. Lemon tea, as if I’m not wanting to gain weight..rolling my eyes

Reading :
I’ve read Smart Money Woman, I reread Five love languages, Power of a praying wife.

Wanting : An ostrich leather handbag that I saw in one of the lovely boutiques in Belgravia. I love how Zimbabweans continue to outdo themselves!

Grateful for: The blessing to spend time with people closest to my heart. I’m grateful for my cooperating skin, my strawberry patch that makes me so happy every time I pick fruit from it. The ability to once again be active on my blog

Smelling: Shea butter. I’ve just applied a thick layer on my face  to combat dry skin because of the cold

: About the future. God has been so faithful to me this year such that I have actual short term goals that I’ve accomplished and the ones I’m yet to
Knowing: The mind is the most important and life changing thing in everyone. What your mind conceives, you can achieve

Bookmarking: Birthday Month. I’ll have to wait till August for my birthday but celebrations have begun. My two sisters have birthdays in July,woop woop

Watching: Backlogs of a lot of series. My good friend Kudzi has been a plug..hooking me up.

Giggling:  Most times I’m glued on my phone. I’ve some contacts who stay posting memes. My photo gallery has grown into a treasure that boosts my mood every time I scroll through. Nothing else matters..okay maybe not nothing else

Extremely cold. Winter has been brutal and staying in a well known cold town hasn’t made it any better.

Cooking: You already know, one pot-soul food. I love cooking meals that force a finger lick and a request for extra

Church songs. Mum and the mister have the most lit playlists ever in their cars.

Enjoying: Dressing up in snuggly warm clothes and boots. I don’t like the cold but I love a good layer of fashionable clothes and pop of color to brighten the gloomy days

Making memories. Journaling Events. Waking up to pray. Seeing people around me flourishing. Attending weddings has been a thing for me this year.

Till next time...
                           *stay graceful*


So I watched all four seasons of Game of Thrones seated,snuggled in a blanket just because that's how you watch an interesting piece like GOT but Puchong was never cold. Jon Snow would say winter is coming and I'd forgotten what winter meant,how cold and how much snuggling i needed to prepare myself for!It's been a struggle..and the cute tiles at our house have not been helpful either.
Getting acquainted with the cold weather has been one of the many changes I've embraced. I've outgrown some people the same way i outgrew my winter jackets from four years ago. My skin has had good and bad days. Winter is here.
I have learnt when to speak,when to be quiet,how to let it be, without creating a bomb that might burst later. I have lost weight and boy the comments from random people and regulars! My weight loss is and has been a change i'm embracing every time I look into the mirror or try on my favorite dress only to find that it does not sit perfectly anymore. Hearing the comments has not been easy either. Brutal. Cold. Winter is here.
I've noticed huge changes,and a dear person I had the privilege to know once told me 'The only constant thing is change" I did not know what that truly meant but in this season,I've taken the six letter word and ran with it. I've bloomed,wilted,reflected,re-strategised, bloomed..for deserving eyes. Six months into 2018 and it has been nothing short of amazing. How has it been for you?
Till next time
*stay graceful*


You are probably tired of my come back stories and apologies haha but I owe it to myself too, to evaluate why I have been so inconsistent. It’s been partly procrastination the other has been wifi issues. It a long story why I have been unsuccessful with installing at our house but that’s not what you are here for. Let’s take stock
Making :The most of free wifi connections whenever I come across them. Someone told me I shouldn’t be excited about free things but I mean,come onnn!I have since tried applying for one but the different pricing that I got put me off and I haven’t gone back. Ask me how that has been of help,smh

Drinking : Warm water in the morning. Rooibos like never before, stoney ginger beer and minute maid apple whenever I go out

Reading :
A lot of self help books. I’m also in a whatsapp group where there are occasional books being posted

Wanting : To be a wholesome Christian. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been one. I have had to sacrifice somethings that I love and to me,  it’s a journey toward wholeness

Grateful for:  A lot of things in my life. I will be cheesy and say God keeps showing up in my life and its true. I am grateful my birthday comes in five months and I have been consistent with who I am, adjusted  accordingly and grateful for the handful of friends that I have.

Smelling: OH SO HeaveNLY (Cashmere caress) hand lotion. It’s the most sweet smelling thing I’ve owned in a while

: About finally being a bridesmaid, being a godmother, about the future as a young adult. I am excited about where am at,at the moment and it only gets better from here.

Choosing your personal happiness is not a selfish thing to do. Recently, I had a situation where I pretty much had to choose me or regret it later and I chose me. I felt guilty for not considering other factors but my future self will thank me for making that decision.

 26th March. My life was changed forever, five years ago

: Black Panther wasn’t all that for me. You don’t have to come for me lol,I feel that movie was over hyped. I do miss watching series online

 Every-time I’m with him. He is sunshine in human form

Grown yall!I remember writing a post on ‘adulting’ and boy was I clueless. I am now into adulating full throttle hence I should rewrite and update some new findings.
Cooking: When I feel like it. I have my cooking for Africa days then certain days when I ask myself  if eating is necessary. I also want to gain a little weight. I’m open to tips and tricks

Playing: Sarah Jakes Roberts’ “From Grace to grit” sermon several times. She goes inn on how to do life basically

Enjoying: Discovering new artsy ,fancy, outdoorsy ,picturesque, serene places in Zimbabwe. I have written a list of places to explore in my journal and explore them I will.

Till next time...
*stay graceful*


It’s been a hot minute and I thought..which other way to bounce back than in the month of love! It’s my hope you had an awesomentastic Christmas, New Year’s and you have 2018 going steady and well. I have been alright, thanks for asking. Here is my version of a girly and romantic dinner-with-bae outfit. I don’t own any scarlets, so pink will deliver.
These sleeves say sophisticated and open,flirty even. The neck detail and pointy heels made this, the it outfit. I wear this bag everywhere, it puts everything together nicely. Happy Valentine’s, remember to love yourself first xx
Till next time
**stay graceful**


If you've been bruised, broke a nail, fell into a drain,into tall itchy grass,got a driver angry they had to get out of  their car and shout at you, then you understand the struggle in learning how to ride a bike and will appreciate this post. 
Over the weekend, I had a talk with a good friend of mine, I'll be her bridesmaid type of friend. We discussed about life after uni,moving home and adulting stuff. Funny thing is we had some similar views such that we agreed random people's attitudes towards the idea of moving home from where ever country you've been can influence your subconscious mind negatively. 
It's one thing to be advised then it's a different ball game when you make decisions based on what was said,most times by people who haven't done what you're about to do. Everyone needs navigation but sometimes figuring life out is a personal thing, just like riding a bicycle. You can only be pushed but individually, you balance and paddle at your own pace. Drops mic 
Till next time, be mindful of who and what influences you and... 
*stay graceful *