Taking Stock Twenty-One

Making :Serious packing decisions. It's one thing to love a piece of furniture or clothes,it's another thing to sacrifice space for it.It's not that deep but it's imperative decision making 

Drinking :I wonder why I haven't removed or replaced this 'segment'. I feel you already know 

Reading :The power of positive thinking  

Wanting :A vacation.With beachy vibes and pastel outfits

Grateful for:Another birthday celebration.It has been God all the way. I'm growing daily into someone I'm proud to point at from a corner in a room full of people  if I wasn't me .A bit twisted but I'm sure you get it

Smelling:Green tea air freshener  

Excited: That Game of Thrones and Being Mary-Jane are back.I can now be a couch potato and feel no shame

Knowing:Group chats are not that serious haha 

Bookmarking:August the 2nd It's my birthday!

Watching: A lot of movies and reality TV. Sometimes I have to hold back because the drama is a lot!

Giggling: Because of how I take scenarios personal.I was asked hypothetically about situationships and I went all in with my opinions.I laughed it off later but boy was I in my feelings lol. I don't think I can make a good lawyer 

Feeling:Excited but uncertain about what the future holds. However,I'm open to whatever's about to be served 

Cooking:Anything that comes to mind as long as the ingredients are accessible. I'm inspired by a girl,cookingbycaz  she cooks unconventional meals  

Playing:Nhema by Exq, I loove the song 

Enjoying:Late nights and late mornings.Had almost missed chilled days where tea is a first thing on my mind when I wake up  

Liking:I can be advised but do the complete opposite!It all comes down to what I believe is right for me right?

Till next time...

*stay graceful*

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