Sometimes I look like my mum,most times I look like my dad.Chubby cheeks,a big nose and lips.I have his discolored toes and flat fingers. I don't remember if it's my siblings or a friend who once told me my fingers look like a hammer fell on them haha. It's funny now but it used to bother me. I didn't wear lipstick or smile because I thought I have big lips already. Boy did I almost miss out! Sometimes I look in the mirror and see my siblings or my aunt. It's crazy to know you can be a shadow of something bigger or something already known,you can conform and be the look-alike,the think-alike,the do-alike,the copy cat. Maybe copy cat is too far fetched but you catch my drift right? Its amazing what happens when you find yourself and be 'the rebel'. I found my smile,found my style and still am on the journey. My birthday was on the 2nd and my little sisters asked if I was going to blog about 'things I've learnt so far'. I told them no but I guess this is what I've learnt in summation. Faith and Raviro, this is for you.On my next birthday remember to sing 'how young are you' old does not exist in my vocabulary xx
                                                                   Till next time..
                                                                 *stay graceful* 

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