Taking Stock Twenty!

Making : Cool purchases for staple pieces that are trendy and classic.Building a wardrobe is quite a craft hehe 

Drinking : Coffee,the real one that I make on my own.I had been drinking the instant-sachet -just add water kind  and I'm appreciating this new find

Reading :I haven't been reading like I should.I started Long Road Home by Daniel Steele and I don't know why I didn't finish it in a month. My friend also hooked me up with some PDFs of amazing books   

Wanting :You to read my travel story here 

Grateful for:Genuine people in my life.

Looking:Different almost everyday. I have been playing around with my look and it's been fun. 

Smelling:Hair shampoo 

Knowing:I get carried away not to  be grateful in the now sometimes.Whenever I feel restless or uneasy with hunger not being the cause,I know I've derailed from the gratitude rail. 

Bookmarking:23 and 27 July!Birthday celebrations for my sisters yippee 

Watching:A handful new series. To know July is the Game of Thrones month is super exciting  

Giggling: Listening to cute long voice notes 

Feeling:Excited,hopeful,courageous to move to the next thing after grad school. I'm officially adulting  

Cooking:One pot meals like a pro.   

Playing:Praise songs won me over.I fell completely deeply in love with two songs that have been on replay. I'll just say Yes! by Brian Courtney Wilson and Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey   

Enjoying: My little niece and nephew.The other day my nephew drew me,how cute is that!I'm officially an aunt to a talented artist 

Liking: The little brave things I've engaged in.I mean I ordered something different at Nando's,cut my hair,watched horror movies before sleeping! Say whaaa 

Wearing: Artsy over-sized vests to lounge is now my new 'thing'

Happy new month.May July bring joy and many reasons to be truly happy! 

Till next time...

*stay graceful*

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