Taking Stock Nineteen

Making : An effort to be consistent with blogging from now on-wards. I've had too many things happening,I had to put blogging on hold.However,I am back

Drinking Tea with milk. I hadn't bought a bottle of milk in about half a year,until my mother visited and I had to have rich tea ingredients on deck! Did i tell you tea is the way to my mum's heart?

Reading : Maps at train stations with my mum.We now have adventure stories that last forever.

Wanting : To start working out.I have been writing this the past months and I'm not proud of my self for procrastinating

Grateful for:Adventures with my mum in Malaysia and Singapore.I have always wanted to see the world with people close to my heart.It only gets better from here

Looking: Back at May and smiling.My heart is full.You can book mark this stock take 

Smelling: Rain.I'm sitting close to a window on a rainy afternoon

Knowing: Words have power!Speak positivity,prosperity,growth and they will manifest 
Bookmarking: May 18th 2017 I graduated y'all!

Watching: Series marathons. I don't understand why Scandal is coming to an end.Shonda Rhimes is unpredictable
Giggling: At the drama that occurred on our way to Singapore with mummy bae. I'm going to write a blog post.(typical blogger behavior huh) It's funny now.It wasn't as funny in the moment 

Feeling: Very grateful.I feel rejuvenated

Cooking:  Sadza rezviyo like a pro! I can now add sadza-rezviyo expert on my resume haha

Playing: Zim dance hall almost every morning except weekends.You should hear me singing along haha   

Enjoying: Every little thing.May was and I'll keep saying it,a beautiful month that had almost all my dreams coming true at once. 

Liking: Being more experimental although some of the outcomes are terrible.I've grown to like and accept situations were people don't agree with my opinions.I used to get offended 

Wearing: A graduation gown was so fulfilling.It literally was a stamp to my first degree and I got to pat myself on the back. Mama I made it!

Till next time...

*stay graceful*

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