Taking Stock Eighteen

Making :Magic.I'm just so excited,I can not hide it.So what if I wrote down song lyrics haha

Drinking Mazoe orange crush

ReadingSecrets of Fascinating Womanhood. It's a good read for any girl,lady, woman

Wanting :Days to go by fast so that one of my dreams can come true!God is good y'all 

Grateful for:The faithfulness of God.I don't want to be preachy but it's amazing how much God loves us and always comes through.

Looking:For a midi-dress with short or long sleeves. I don't  understand how a midi-dress can be so hard to find now that I want one yet whenever I window shop,I see plenty of them 

Smelling:Jo Malone (French Lime Blossom) was a highlight in April.I fell in love with the cologne, it's now on my 'vision board' I'll just leave the hint here.My birthday is in August

Knowing:I have enough clothes.I'm joking. I'm now knowing that money spent on an experience is worth more than money spent on clothes
Bookmarking:King Women a documentary/interview series by Kemi Adetiba. I love love hearing people's stories and if you love a good real-life story,watch the interviews on YouTube. It's very empowering

Opening:A new tube of mascara.Is it called a tube by the way?

Watching: Prison Break.Yes,I have been  
glued on the screen and been rushing home to come and watch the next episode.There is no shame in my game.

Giggling:Because of so many inside jokes,they won't make sense to you

Feeling:Super excited!Do you remember when I said I didn't have new year's resolutions?I'm glad I didn't structure how my year was going to unfold.I'm grateful for how everything is happening  

Cooking:I looked up a cooking book ,but haven't bought it yet.I might be whipping a Vietnamese brunch the next time I take stock.  

Playing:Nothing specific.  

Enjoying:Taking blog photos.I had forgotten the camera charger and a Queen brought it.Hugs   

Liking:A strawberry body mist I bought from Elianto. I'm always almost spraying it into my mouth to taste.Yes,don't roll your eyes haha 

Wearing:The life out of my green fur slides!I love them,they are my go to shoes at the moment

Following:A skincare routine that's proving effective.My face has a mind of it's own so I'm not going to jinx it

Noticing:The importance of knowing a dress code for an event you're attending. I wasn't happy turning up to an almost black-tie event in casual clothes!I had a cap on! Face-palm.Sigh

Feeling:Wholly excited!Happy new month,May celebration and thanksgiving be your portion!

Till next time...

*stay graceful*


  1. Gosh im so happy Prison Break is back too!!! Like aaaah i can't even explain it lol.


    1. I've been glued to the screen,no joke.Which other series do you watch?

  2. Gosh im so happy Prison Break is back too!!! Like aaaah i can't even explain it lol.



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