Taking Stock Seventeen

Making :Tele-marketing calls. Eek! It's a new experience that i'm enjoying and slowly getting the hang of

Drinking :I feel I should replace this segment with something else because you already know I be drinking water and tea 

Reading :Book samples from Play Store.I'm contemplating which ones are worth buying and which ones to listen as audio books and save money.    

Wanting :To resume exercising.I had one day of exercise in March and with the way my abs are setup..i need to get back to werking on them  

Grateful for:A five minute journal that i recently started using.It reminds me to write down what i'm grateful for every morning. I realized on some mornings, its hard to list three things that i'm grateful for. I'm slowly irrigating that attitude of gratitude.

Looking:At the moment I'm at a soccer game so,i'm looking at guys chasing after a small round thing 

Smelling:Babe's deodorant makes me happy.Maybe it's because it's in a green bottle😉

Knowing:You can't force to 'vibe' with someone.There are no grey areas when it comes to getting along with people,it's either you vibe or you don't. Energy doesn't lie
Bookmarking:Third week of May. I'll be celebrating a milestone..i'll bring the receipts.

Opening:Snap Chat  stories, Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses and now Facebook stories. I  love,love social media but i think it's getting too much to handle. What do you think about all these upgrades?

Watching:A midnight movie at the cinema made Beauty and the Beast extra interesting

Giggling:Cash me outside howbow dah

Feeling:A chill.I took my stock taking outside this month and the weather switched up on me.I wasn't ready  

Cooking:Carbonara.Macaroni carbonara   

Playing:A song that i despised the first time the big sister asked me to download it for her. I haven't told her i now love the song   

Enjoying:Wearing makeup and discovering looks that i feel good in.   

Liking:The outcome of putting braids in hot water.They got so curly,they feel new   

Wearing:Clothes i took from my sisters' collections make me appreciate the way my family is set up. I had an unrelated conversation with someone, the siblings topic came up. They said they don't share clothes with their siblings.I'm here ballin' in mine's outfits 

Following:A skin care routine that i'm actually getting results from!Hallelujah somebody

Noticing:Rumors carrying false stories spread triple the speed true-story ones spread

Feeling:Excited for what's ahead. Happy New month.I pray God perfects all that concerns you

Till next time...
*stay graceful*


  1. Work on them Abs girl.. Trust me when it gets out of control you won't like it and it'll even be harder.

    Blog: https://anaturellecraving.blogspot.my
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/____nii.cky.__/

    1. I'm stopping the procrastination and just do it. I don't think I'll be motivated if it gets out of hand. Thanks for the motivation 💪


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