This post was almost going to stay in my archives for some crazy reason but i'm glad it didn't! I forgot my camera charger at  home(Zim) so i'm now on the hunt for a new one.Did i mention that the prices are ridiculous?I almost did not post this because I felt insecure.I thought its an outdated look whatever that means. Here it goes↓
I love me a good outfit,an outfit put together after a good thought process from head to toe.I love me some clothes with serious detail,heels,pumps,peep-toe you name it, I love it all. However, I can not deny the fact that basic t-shirts and circle skirts have a special place in my wardrobe.In as much as I love to dress up and wear a certain inch of heels, there are days when I want the toned down version of my personal style. This right here, is my idea of a back to basics outfit. Think of it as my jeans and tees. The monochromatic situation going on is evidence that you can be put together in the most basic of pieces that sometimes isn't given the time of day. I threw on a a tan belt with the gold detail so that it could go well with the icing on the cake..the gorgeous sandals👡 Before I forget,what's your go to basic outfit ?
Till next time..
*Stay graceful*


  1. EEeeeeeeeh camera tnz are expensive. You should look for someone coming from Zim to bring it for you. Enjoy your weekend.


    1. I had no idea camera accessories are that pricey! I'm praying someone comes soon else it will mean a long hiatus from blogging 😐
      Enjoy your weekend too xx


  2. I love the simplicity of your look. Awesome job, really look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by 😘 Have a great weekend


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