Polo-neck sweaters (at least that's what I grew up calling them) have this chic,put together vibe that suits any and every occasion. I later started calling them turtle neck sweaters when I discovered that every magazine and fashion expert called them that. This outfit was a result of one of those 'aha' moments in any wardrobe-organizing girl who think they have nothing to wear. Buying the skirt and shoes separately,it never occurred to me that they could slay together like this. 
I've already shared about a Snapchat account that I follow @zimconnect and  in as much as some hosts on there come with this perfect life bottled together for the audience, some come as real as possible and those hosts are mostly my favorite ones. I've watched some truths that are humbling and encourage me to be grateful and stay grateful, some that cause me to put on my jogging shoes and workout, some inspire me to be the best version of myself as possible. There are some that stir me up to walk in my truth and I thought I should share one truth. I bought this polo/turtle neck sweater on a serious bargain!I love sales and follow me on snapchat @graceaug2 
Till next time
*Stay graceful*

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