Cute is the last word anyone can use to describe clothes in my wardrobe. I have said it before that I'm not a girly-girl, the number of pink items that I own are less than a handful. I remember his face when I told him that my favorite color was green and I don't own anything pink (three years ago) He was truly surprised because he had the stereotype that girls and pink are thick as thieves! 

Overtime, I have opened doors to some pink. Firstly, it was a birthday gift, a pair of pink heels  that I had no real love for  then this dress that I bought trying to monochrome it with the pink gift, then..more pink pieces. Of all the few that I own, this blazer is what pink means to me. Dainty, feminine, soft, true,love oversized,strong! Given this outfit, where would you wear it to?I would certainly wear this to work, a wedding or date night. To church too!
       *Till next time,stay graceful*