The struggle to write a meaningful and original blog post is real sometimes.I don't mean to be boastful but the previous posts I've come up with did not take a looong time to brainstorm and put together like this one you are reading right here. I've heard about the writer's block and I honestly had no clue how that felt until I experienced my own blogger's block this week.
Before 'the overcoming testimony' gets too lengthy,I finally got help and here is the  idea,turned post. Every beginning of a new school term, the night before my  sisters and I went back to school,without fail my parents would emphasize on why we should do extremely well in school. Among the many encouraging words, I have a few phrases that I still have in mind to date. My mum never failed to say upenyu mwene wahwo, a Shona saying translating life is what you make it. They (my mum &dad) would make sure the phrase make hay while the sun shines is loud and clear. What seemed like a broken record back then molded us into driven people,aspiring and working towards a life we want. 
From those long talks I dreaded back then, I learnt that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to because what the mind believes,the body achieves. Like I've been preaching ever-since, stop giving excuses,get up and do what you said you were going to start tomorrow. 
Did you notice that 'the top' is actually a dress that I once styled here ? 
Stay graceful.