Before going to uni,I had a great opportunity to be a school teacher twice and that period was one of the most exciting times in my life. I must admit that the teaching work sometimes got the best of me but I really had a good six months. I remember those days vividly, the friends I made from there and  the memories that are now archived to be stories for a life time. 

I loved my second teaching job more because I had gained some experience from the first one, there was a reliable lunch source, I was specializing in one subject so that meant less planning. I also loved the fact that I got the opportunity to wear casual outfits once a week!Trust me it was a bonus peck of teaching there.When I put together this outfit,I could not help but feel nostalgic about the casual days at work, it would have been a perfect fit. I do love the mixed textures,the shades of blue and the gold  detail  on the bag and shoes.I have no clue why half the photos have me shying away from the camera lens. Either way, enjoy your weekend xx