I was a few sentences away from making this post about color psychology, focusing on the gorgeous green of course. I almost pointed out that it's fate that made green to be my favorite color when my name starts with a g just like green! You were almost about to read that I discovered about birthstones and mine is a peridot, a green gemstone but then I thought that would be too much for you to process.

I'm aware green is associated with envy in other parts of the words-world and that reminds me of recent events.There are certain individuals who get envious to the extent of making up ridiculous stories that dim lights for those they are jealous of. Jealousy is an emotion that anyone shouldn't entertain because it basically spells out insecurity and fear. I know it maybe difficult to stop chronic jealous just like that but i'm sure it can be worked on so that the next time you see someone doing well for themselves,you stand up and cheer them on.It's free.
After all has been said and blogged,I know think green looks good on me .^.