So there comes a time in life where you no longer have to 'call an adult' when you face a situation. There comes a time when you have to make life changing decisions without necessarily asking for a go ahead from an adult,because you yourself is one now. That time when someone stops by at the house and will not ask you to call the adult because you are! I did not think adulting was going to catch up with me so quickly,where does time go!
Trust me I'm not complaining, I'm just saying sometimes it's overwhelming.And why didn't anyone tell me there was no manual or 'how to adult' YouTube videos? Haha Since there aren't any step by step how to be an adult videos out there,I'm just here figuring it all out as it comes.Friendships,relationships,school,money,20's,a good relationship with God,trying to get those abs,flawless skin and healthy hair. Everything!How is adulting going for you guys?Let your girl know.