Taking Stock Twelve

Making :  The last decision on what I'm wearing tomorrow. It's my birthday y'all!

Drinking : Less water than I should be drinking.

Reading : Human Beings Cannot Change Without Pressure by Ezekiel Guti.
Wanting :  Presents. Not really, but yes. I 'm wanting the good Lord to continue giving me the gift of more birthdays.

Looking: Forward to new beginnings and opportunities. 

Wasting:No time 'doing nothing'because I've been working on my final year project 

Wishing:Everyone a happy new month that is fabulous and full of good breaks.   

Wondering: If you are already fed up with the birthday gospel lol. Brace yourselves, it's going to be on for months hehe 

Loving:The fact that the WhatsApp group featuring my mum and sisters is back! One of us was absent for the longest time but now that we all can chat together, I'm the happiest person alive.  

Hoping:For countless lunch and dinner invites from my friends this whole month. I might have to look for new friends if this doesn't happen, food over friendships haha 

Needing:Nothing I can think of.I read somewhere that contentment is not complacency. Although you should not settle, I believe in being content, true contentment. 

Smelling:Leave-in conditioner and shea butter. Today was wash day. If you know you know.  

Knowing: You can live your life like it's a big old routine or you can live out loud, enjoying each moment as it comes.
Bookmarking: AUGUST 2nd

 (I will be) Opening:Gifts from far and near. I see you rolling your eyes...  

Giggling:Although I'm not a fan of WhatsApp groups, I must confess I finally joined entertaining ones! I'm in this group with my high school classmates and the crazy stories that squad cook up!!!  

Feeling: Very very grateful for the month of August. It's full of celebrations,my bog anniversary on the 4th, my mum's birthday on the 8th and my birthday that I've been preaching about since January hehe.

Cooking: Hasn't been my forte recently. I don't want to insert the word lazy in this sentence so don't think along those lines either.   

Playing:Lots and lots of songs. I'm noticing i'm becoming a music lover slowly. 

Enjoying: Orange is the new black. I'm disappointed I didn't start watching it way back when I first heard about it. Either way, I'm 4 seasons in and enjoying every episode! 

Liking: The new blog template. It portrays my character in a way. What do you guys think about the new template?Let your girl know.
Wearing: A bright orange nail polish for the very first time. The indecision at the salon was real by the way.

Following: Hilarious people on my Snapchat! I'm not as active anymore but some people I added are such interesting individuals.  

Noticing:We are past half the year already. I'm hoping to start some of the new year's resolutions I said were part of 2016. How are the resolutions going for you? 

Feeling: Grateful and blessed!Happy August guys, great things are in-store for us so go confidently in the direction of your dreams xx