Somebody pinch me!You only get this request and chance once! Two days after my birthday a year ago, I decided to start a blog. Like I've said before, it was out of curiosity and to this day I'm glad curiosity pushed me this far. After the curiosity phase, I then realized I actually love this blogging thing.^. Trust me it was and still is a lot of discoveries, perseverance, diligence and passion basically. In these 365 days (not really) of blogging, I have learnt quite a number of things and I thought sharing is caring!

I think I have stuck to who I truly am and this has made it easy to come up with ideas to post. There are so many many great bloggers out there and being a copy cat is the easiest thing you can be but instead, Be You. Stay True Boo
2.Be inspired but don't copy!
Write the vision and make it plain. Most written things come to life so if you plan the blog posts,ideas etc life becomes easy like 123

4.Do what you love
5.Google+ is your friend!
I discovered Google+ a few months ago and it's the best inventions ever. I love it and a tremendous amount  of my blog readers  come from there.

6.Tell people about your blog
I don't by any means mean you should rub it in people's faces that you are a blogger and you should not keep your mouth shut about it either. 

Ask, for help, for reviews, for suggestions,just ask. On that note check out the blog reviews I got after asking.
This is useful to me too because it actually is a reminder. I have networked with other bloggers/ content creators but not as much as I should. The next years are going to be better.

9.No won't kill you
I asked a certain blogger if she could do a collaboration post with me and the answer I got from her was ruthless. If I tell you I almost lost my appetite haha it's a lie, I love my food but, she cut me with a bland knife. (Shona saying) Her reply was the worst replies I've ever had but here I am, standing..typing from the other side. 

Do I need to explain this? In short,  pray and plan and watch God take you places!

11.Be consistent 
I have tried my best to post every Monday and Thursday. I skipped some but trust me, Consistency is key to everything good and solid really 

12.Stay Grateful!
I have preached the gospel of gratitude times without number and I'm sticking to it. Be grateful for everything happening in your life. I am truly grateful for you, reading this, for my personal photographer .^. , for my friends who always share/retweet/repost my blog posts, for people who always give me feedback. I am very grateful to be able to share my passion for writing and posing infront of the camera lol! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. Here is to many more great blogging years!

Cheers xx