If it was easy,everyone would do it!

I love watching YouTube videos, from make-up tutorials that I don't really follow, natural hair styling videos, fitness, how to make a cat talk lol, TED talks,everything. While watching all these, I came across one video that gave me an idea for this post. It's been long since I wrote a letter but here is one that might boot you back to focus .^.
It's possible to be doubtful of your abilities such that you will sit back scared of being criticized by people, but you are the same person who will be the first one to applaud when someone else is doing exactly what you wanted to do but didn't do. It's also possible to start something but in the middle of working towards reaching your goal,  you start doubting yourself again until you talk yourself out of whatever it is that you were doing. When you catch yourself talking you out of something you were so enthusiastic about when you started, this might sound cliche' but, ask yourself why you started. The same reason you started should be an enough motive for you to continue on the journey. 

There are times when I second guess myself about blogging, these days I don't do that as much like  when I first started. I would look through my Instagram feed and see people with great personalities (through the photos) and I would think;  these people make better bloggers, the seem like fun. I would ask myself what they think about me yet they probably never criticized me the way I criticized myself. Or they actually did not.Worst mistake I ever made.

Everyone is different, everyone is talented differently and what makes you different, makes you beautiful. If you are finding your degree hard to obtain, your business complicated, your relationship complicated, your marriage on the rocks, whatever project you're on, taking a stroll on you..keep it at the back of your mind that you are doing your best. It is supposed to be hard because if it was easy,everyone would do it. Keep going,take this like a pep talk from me to you, you can do it!