Taking Stock Eleven

Making :Everyday count.Making progress. Making lots and lots of cups of instant coffee.   

Drinking : At the moment, I am in a coffee shop so it's Donutes coffee.

Reading : An audio book by Marie Kondo. I've learnt some essentials on tidying up. Although we all know how to tidy up our personal spaces, we still have loads to learn surprisingly.

Wanting : You, to watch this YouTube video from my recent explorings. 

Looking:Forward to the 23rd and 27th. My heartbeats celebrate their birthdays! Sisters are the best things ever. I won't be buying gifts though, "I'm far away" is my excuse.  

Wasting:No time and energy on negative thoughts. I have had a fair share of negative ideas coming into my head but I made sure that they stay for the least time as possible. I'm still working on being positive in all situations, hard as it may be. 

Wishing:  Each and everyone reading this a blessed and fruitful , drama-free July!Cheers to a new month

Waiting: On the rain. I joke! 

Wondering:  If you watch Game Of Thrones. If you do, i'm wondering how it's going to be when Jon Snow and Khaleesi meet.Since they are related, i'm just wondering what type of relationship they are going to have. Guess i might just wait for Season 7.

Loving: Far Away, the perfume. I had been looking for it in stores for a while since the last one I stole collected from my mum finished.

Hoping: To be able to speak my mind more. I sometimes just go with the flow despite being opinionated. Silence has it's perks though

Needing:To learn the art of traveling light. I had two bags for a weekend getaway, I will blame it on being a blogger but I think it's a disorder lol.

Smelling:All kinds of coffee, cakes and pastries. I led myself into calorie temptation. Oh boy.  

Knowing: That Episode 9 of Game of Thrones' season 6 was the most fulfilling episode I've watched so far. Great,great stuff!

 Thinking:Of how I should celebrate my birthday.   

Bookmarking: 24 June 2016. Someone closest to my heart came into the world therefore, I now know someone who  celebrates their birthday on June 24th!

Opening: More and more WhatsApp messages than I want to. I'm in three awesome groups that keep me glued to that tiny screen. 

Giggling:My friends and I went on a trip and events there were hilarious! I promised I wouldn't expose them but the highlight word is towels 

Feeling:All kinds of happy. I'm already declaring July to be a great month with good things in store. Amen  

Cooking: One pot meals.Believe me once you start and master the art of this convenient type of cooking,life gets a whole new meaning. I'm not exaggerating.  

Playing:Music from all clean genres.   

Enjoying: Skype dates with my little sister, she makes me cry with laughter as well as occasional Skype dates with a dearest friend. Technology is not bad after all .^.

Liking: This quote by Albert Einsten -There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Wearing: My trainers everywhere. They are comfortable and an  effortless accessory.

Following: A skincare regimen that I put together for my face , however, I'm not getting the best results yet. Help your girl out with tips for clear skin.

Noticing: That a lot of people are visiting my blog.You have no clue how you make me happy. Please continue,thank you .

Feeling: Very very grateful for happenings in June. The first half of the year has passed so cheers to the other awesome half!

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