How to deal with rumours

Have you ever heard crazy, untrue and ridiculous lies about you? Lucky you, if you haven't because I have heard a lot. As if it's the first time, I always put myself to scrutiny after learning the news. I want to believe I will be looking for possible reasons that cause such stories to be made up but of cause you guessed right, there are never any! 
It's funny that the same first idea comes to mind, deal with them, they should have known better! Haha, hilarious ideas always troop in but do I ever do any of those?Of course not, it all ends in the planning session. Well, since I'm gossiped about quite a lot, I have a 'first aid kit' that might come in handy the next time those 'they were saying'screenshots reflect in your inbox!
1.Confront the person. I did not say insult. Most times, gossip is often spiced up such  that what you receive on the broken telephone is not what exactly was sent. Confrontation clears up the air, you get to know the truth and in the process you put a fear in the gossip cook!
2.Don't plot for revenge. You want to travel the high road so news flash, the high road has no lanes for avengers. By the way did you watch The avengers? Great movie right?
3.Next band-aid, tell someone you trust or who undoubtedly cares for you. It always feel better after you talk out your feelings to someone who truely cares. Oh and while you are on it, remember not to stir in some lies. I know the temptation is real.

4.Last of the remedies, Move On! Life is too precious to hold on to lies that were said about you, besides some more lies about you are brewing right about now. Just know,There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. 

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