Taking Stock Ten

Making :  Re-connections with old friends. I know as we grow older, we change but I've been trying to rekindle certain friendships. Still on it, I've discovered the 'vibe' is not the same with different individuals and i haven't been forcing it.

Drinking : Still on my teas, this time around I got more flavors: peach and lemon& lime twist. If i start describing the scent and taste it might get too long!

Reading : Lightning by Danielle Steele

Wanting : I think this slot sometimes make me ungrateful, I mean can't a month end with me not wanting anything?

Looking:  At myself in the mirror every morning and declare how beautiful and blessed i am. Such a random thing to do but it feels good every time.

Wasting: Less time doing nothing because I now have a serious project i'm working on and it's been keeping me busy everyday. I'm not complaining, i'm just saying i'm back again to looking forward to Fridays.

Wishing:  I could eat all the croissants I can and not see the implications on my tummy! I wish calories could be shooed away haha
Waiting: For a very special addition. The seven weeks that  I mentioned last stock are down to a few and I'm so excited.

Wondering: When my dream to be a bride-maid will come true. 

Loving: My new yummy trainers that i was gifted. I can not wait to rock them. I loveeee them.

Hoping: This month has great opportunities in store!Happy new month people. 

Needing: Salted caramel ice cream. We have a special relationship, i believe.

Smelling: Washing powder. I'm multi tasking at the moment, taking stock and washing my teddy bear. I put it in the washer and got my fingers crossed that poor doll doesn't fall apart. 

Knowing: History now has it that I stood in line for an hour just so that i could get into a shop that had a great sale.Unbelievable! I still can't believe i was that patient. Man, sales are that powerful lol 

 Thinking:  Right. The power of thinking right is tremendous. It is important to think of what you're thinking about. Train your mind to think the right things.

Bookmarking: A movie called Miss Representation. It is a very sad but true reflection of how women are looked down upon by the media. It also brings out the sad truth that most men were raised to be emotionally constipated, unable to show their emotions for instance crying because "its not a manly thing to do" 

Opening: Items from the sale. Technically they were already open but you know what i mean right?

Giggling: The mister was telling me of a guy who ran around the block and hid in a thick bush in the middle of the night because he didn't have his document when the police asked. He described it in the most funniest way but i bet it wasn't funny when it happened. #foreigncountrychronicles  

Feeling: Happy. 

Cooking : Eggs like never before. I have been exploring all ways there are and i must recommend this I guess i'm loaded with vitamin B12 right about now.

Playing: I discovered some country music that i love. I don't usually like slow music but I must confess, Lee Ann Womack made me to change my mind. 

Enjoying: Discovering new cute and cosy coffee shops and ice cream parlors. I had no clue my town has plenty of fancy but affordable places to enjoy. I'm encouraging you to walk around and explore!

Liking: This new font i'm now using. What do you guys think about it?

Wearing: I have been very experimental with my clothes recently. Some pieces i never thought would look good together have been exchanging vows , literally.

Following: Creflo Dollar, a powerful preacher. He is good with his delivery of the word, you need to look him up.

Noticing: Habits are easily broken or picked up as long as you're consistent. 

Feeling: Excited for a brand new month. June comes with my little sister's birthday and nothing makes me happier than birthdays. I however, don't give gifts if i don't get a cake in return. Yes, I'm that type of girl.

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