Taking Stock Nine

Making :  The word Intentional my mantra. I want to live,love,eat,sleep,be,smile,blog..do everything intentionally. We tend to subject ourselves to routine thereby losing the true meaning of life.

Drinking : More fizzy drinks than  I should. I bet my little sister is rolling her eyes reading this haha,she thinks I'm too #teamhealthy

Reading : Single,Married,Separated and Life After Divorce. I promised I was going to read a book and I did! It is a great read.

Wanting : A new deodorant. I'm torn between a spicy and sweet scent. What would you advice me to get?

Looking:  Forward to the next seven weeks. Yippee

Wasting: No chance to drink water or any hydrating thing. I had this fantasy that I was going to get used to this hot tropical weather but nope! Everyday is hotter than the one before.

Wishing:  For a great month, more adventures, laughter, breakthroughs and progress. Gotta  put in some  work for progress to be evident.

Waiting: While i was looking for a song to play as I take stock, I saw that one of my favorite YouTubers just uploaded a new vlog so, I'm 'waiting' for this stock taking to be done so that I watch the vlog. 

Wondering: When my love for fashion grew. I loved wearing my mum's shoes and handbags but never her clothes ,but here I am in love with clothes more than shoes. Still on my mum's shoes, I really am regretting how my sisters and I wasted vintage heels from my mum's collection. We wore and damaged those poor babies while playing house!

Loving: A tea tree ointment that I bought. It's the most fresh-smelling thing ever.

Hoping: For the best things 

Marveling: At the power of speaking up about anything especially those things that cause worry to be a daily routine unintentionally. It's always a good idea to share such things with someone, someone reliable who will not spread the story like wild fire.

Needing: To make a decision about something really crucial. Ain't spilling the tea yet.

Smelling: I miss the smell of guavas

Knowing: That being content and grateful is something that you choose to be. It is so easy to be ungrateful these days with all these #goals on the internet. I now know gratitude is intentional. 

 Thinking:  Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy

Bookmarking: My favorite verse  through the past weeks,Psalms 91

Opening: A new toothbrush. I get excited about the smallest things haha

Giggling: While on FaceTime  with my nephew, his bedtime came so his mum told him to do his sleeping routine.  After the goodnights, he closed his eyes to pray and it was the cutest thing ever. However, this guy prays in doubles as in Jesus, Jesus,I love you,I love you,Amen, Amen. The reason being he learnt to pray repeating after his mum and now he thinks prayers need to be repeated! Hillarious.

Feeling: Quite hot. I think my house is the hottest in the whole apartment. Haha

Cooking : Mmm I have not been the consistent cook lately. 

Playing: I have been discovering new music on Spotify. I do love Cinderella  and Love Natural by Jasper Sawyer.

Enjoying: Using Google+ I had no clue concerning how the application is good for any blogger especially new ones like me.

Liking: Some natural hair products and facial products I collected from a friend who was leaving! I'm that type of friend.

Wearing: Still on those light material pieces. "Looking for what to wear" is getting more and more complicated.

Following: My heart,in all aspects. I have discovered life is to be lived and living has to be very intentional otherwise we are just surviving.

Noticing: Time is flyyyyying! We are already in May,where does time go.

Feeling: Ready for a new glorious month. May all things be prefect,intentional and whole. Happy new month.

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