I've been watching  trillions of animated movies more than I've ever watched,thanks to my best friend. Seeing dogs,cats,or anything that is not human talking was never something I could choose to sit down and watch,  because they looked silly to me. I won't start talking about what I used to  think of cartoons. Never say never.The idea of cats talking made me think what if clothes could talk.

My outfit would be saying hello and exchanging addresses with each other because they've never been on me at the same time. My headscarf would be the mutual friend considering it's always on. The blazer would be in jubilation saying finally someone remembered i exist!I got over the blazer only to pull it out and rock it after dark months in my wardrobe. 
I'm sure the dress would be telling the other pieces it had no clue  it can be dressed up and down like this!! This dress has been my go to item when I don't feel like putting together an outfit and in the same way,this grey handbag would be screaming: oh hey missy,i love who you put me together with.. especially these cute pumps! 

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