Taking Stock Eight

Making :  Sure I exercise at least three times a week. I'm on a mission that can only be achieved through small but consistent steps.

Drinking : I feel it's an obvious thing now.Water and tea. Did i tell you I stepped up my game and bought the tea I mentioned the last time we took stock? I did.

Reading : I promise to pick up a book. Next stock will be full of summaries. 

Wanting : To get a swimming card because the one I was using expired. I'm also wanting to write a book on how to swim in a public pool and remain sane.

Looking:  For a primer and liquid liner. I want to try out new things hehe

Wasting: No time following people who are energy drainers. I noticed some pages I follow on my social media are nothing but a drain. Bye

Wishing:  My sisters and I could be with my mum the last week of March. She could really use her girls around this time of the year.

Waiting: To finish up assignments at hand so that I start on a much bigger assignment and be done with school,for now.You know you can never be done learning.

Wondering: Why people stay in abusive relationships/friendships/marriages. Do you guys have a clue?

Loving: My strapy sandals that I bought about a month ago. If I say two days have passed and they haven't been worn,I will be lying!Poor shoes.

Hoping: For all good things to remain good and the not so good to become good. 

Marveling: At my consistency with drinking water first thing in the morning. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Needing: My sister to resubscribe on iroko. It's a Nollywood movie website and I get to watch movies on her subscription. The joys of sisterhood.

Smelling: Washing powder. 

Knowing: I should do things that my future self will thank me for. I also got to learn about the concept of 'stickability' and with that at the back of my head,I won't be giving up easily. Look it up. Stickability

Effects of Thinking: March was some kind of testing month.I already am not in good books with it yet I had more reasons not to love the month ever. Instead of letting things to steal my joy,I decided to think happy thoughts,positive thoughts,good thoughts. The mind is such a powerful organ 

Bookmarking: March 26th

Opening: More and more blogs and YouTube channels that i'm discovering.

Giggling: At the movie Chicken Run. The chickens have the most polished British accent I've ever heard. Hilarious! 

Feeling: Positive. Great things are coming y'all

Cooking : Roasting nuts has been my thing this month.

Playing: Raba by Kiss Daniel. I had three 'sleepless nights' trying to find that song. I'm just saying I went all out trying to get the name of the song. I found it and I have been playing it repeatedly. Check it out,

Enjoying: Celebrations. March was filled with lots of reasons to celebrate, from birthdays to graduations. I enjoyed being part of them. Cheers to many more good times!

Liking: Short nails. Exercising. The People v O.J Simpson. The inner lawyer in me comes out when watching it! 

Wearing: Clothes with the lightest material. The weather is hot!I can never get used to the heat. Take me to some snowy place,please.

UnFollowing: Energy draining people. On social media and in real life! Life is too precious to be drained by random people.

Noticing: That creating or drawing the winged eyeliner is no joke!How do you girls rock it?

Feeling: Optimistic and privileged to hop into another brand new month.April is upon us therefore, Aim Personal Realness In Life. Yes. I made that up. Happy new month peeps. May God perfect all that concern you!


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