I'm a huge lover of mustard sauce on a juicy hot-dog with some chopped onion,tomato sauce, chili sauce and mayonnaise sometimes. I do love the tanginess fried chicken has when I marinate chicken overnight in mustard and other spices. Just writing down the details is making my mouth watery,no joke!I'm a confessed foodie. Before I turn this Queendom into a food blog, I have discovered that mustard is a trending color that I've been wanting to style,finally did and these are the pairings I came up with.

Mustard + brown. I love this skirt and I have already styled it here where an over-sized blazer gave it life. I think this outfit is suitable for the office,church or where else? Let me know.

Mustard in the tropics. This rich peach color is tropical and the more reason I put it together with my mustard piece to see how it would come out and voila! What occasion would this outfit be perfect for?

Mustard blues. You have met one of my favorite wardrobe staples on this post. I'm slowly falling in love with blue and it is not a  good thing. Scroll around and read other posts to know why! By the way you haven't answered my do you like your mustard? Let me know.

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