Whenever I come across the word timeless, red lipstick comes to my head. There is something about a classic red lip.I feel it depicts boldness,femininity,the wholesomeness that comes with being a woman. Faithful people also come to my head. Nothing beats someone who can stay true to another or to something unconditionally. What comes to your mind when you come across the word timeless?Let your girl know.
The LBD(little black dress) is another undying wardrobe staple that comes to mind. Although I have mine in a different color, the idea of a versatile dress makes so much sense. Individuals  who compliment the next person,empowers them and make everyone they come across feel good about themselves are timeless, just like pencil skirts. They look good paired with heels,flats,boots,blazers,at the beach,at the work place. Everywhere really. Be timeless.
I found this detailed floor at the museum.Had a naming ceremony been held for it..classic was the perfect name.Ageless.Unfading.Timeless. 

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