The 'Me Time' Tag

We tend to be around the same people all the time such that it becomes monotonous and sometimes you wonder why you are feeling low. Don't get me wrong. Being with your friends, family, loved ones 24/7 is not a bad idea and not a good one either! It is these 'routines' that make you feel bored, easily angered or just feeling meh out of nowhere. It's a wise thing to make time for yourself,after all,you are your biggest investment. 
Nyasha Nicole tagged me to do this and I enjoyed it. When you're done here,heard over to her blog A naturelle craving and read all about what she gets up to whenever she has  some time to her self.

What do you watch/read during me time?
Novels and self help books.I do read magazines,I have three that I shamelessly reread..I now know the articles. Since me time is frequent, I do catch up with my favorite series.

What do you wear during me time?
My favorite cream morning gown. I love it because it was a present from my mum when I passed my O'level exams. I'm talking of a six years old silk gown.Thanks mum.

What are your me time beauty products?
I normally have coconut oil or vitamin E oil smeared on my face but as of the past month,I have been indulging in face masks from Elianto. So refreshing.

Current and favorite nail polish?
Sasatinnie Q19 from Sasa,a local beauty shop. I fell for it's shade of green.

What do you eat or drink during me time?
Popcorn and tea. Sometimes the popcorn is unavailable so it's mostly tea

Current favorite candle?
Mango& Peach from Aeon and Strawberry sinnlig from IKEA

Do you ever have outdoor me time?
If exercise sessions are me time then yes. Oh, do we consider spa dates to be me time?,if so then yes,whenever I have funds to spoil myself.

Would you ever watch a movie alone?
I would! I think i will enjoy the awkwardness. I'm quiet a talker when watching movies so I don't know who I will be annotating to.

Favorite online shop?
I'm such a traditional shopper so I don't have an online shop that I can rate to be a favorite. I do like Zalora and Dressgal 

Anything to add?
I'm adding what type of music do you listen to?
  I'm also adding what hobby do you enjoy during me time?
 It will be cooking, because I feel rejuvenated whenever i put my all in whipping a new recipe. Sleeping cannot be subtracted from me time,those thirty minute power naps go a long way!

I am tagging Audry,Meron and everyone else who wants to do the tag.

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