Taking Stock Seven

Making,(i'm rather turning) : Mascara into my go to make up product. I love how that wand works magic on my lashes. My eyes look bigger and open. I just love mascara.

Drinking : A good friend of mine gave me mango tea and I have been drinking it religiously!

Reading : I have been a little off track. I have not been reading anything. I know,i know...you don't have to rub it in. Okay,read on.

Wanting : To be home,with my mum and sisters. Did I just leave out the cutest nephew in the whole wide world?? I want to be with him too.

Looking:  For inspiration everywhere. Creativity feeds anywhere and everywhere.

Wasting: I will not call it wasting time but I have been a bit more laid back than usual. March is marching in with my groove.

Wishing: I had some super power to deal with rude office workers!I had a whole week of going to people's offices and they all increased my blood pressure. I did not let them steal my peace though,BUT i might have said some not so nice things on my way out.I promise I was not loud.      

Wondering: What you guys got for Valentine's,or what you bought for yourselves. You know self love is the best love right?

Loving:  A number of series. I was once against them and boy was I lost! I'm loving Marco Polo, The Shannara Chronicles &Billions. I am watching quite a number but I need suggestions if you have any. Ye shan't judge.

Hoping: I learn how to respond to negative comments.They say silence is golden so i'm hoping to serve it on golden platters the next time negativity is thrown my way. So help me God.

Marveling: At how I am putting newly learnt things to practice.After all, what is sown should bring forth seedlings right?

Needing: To go shopping for a button for my new dress. It came with no button. They should have sold it on a discounted price since they had a button missing. I still need that button-trip to the mall.

Smelling: Nivea 

Knowing: That life is what you make it. Sounds cliche but if you really understand what that phrase means, it's a powerful thing to keep at the back of your mind. I also know a handful of people celebrating their birthday today. There is obviously something special about March the 3rd 

Thinking: About what to put down here.

Bookmarking: March 26th

Opening: Cute presents. You know February is all about gifts.. but it doesn't mean no gifts the other ten months. Ten,excluding my birthday month August.

Feeling:  Healthy and fit hehe. I'm one of those people who check for abs after every work out. I am not ashamed.

Cooking :  Beans. I got some sugar beans,cooked them and they got me reminiscing my last year in high school. We used to keep our beans in the refrigerator and warmed them the following morning.To cut the long story short,beans on bread with tea is delicious! Try it.

Playing: I discovered or rather,learnt to love Asa, a soulful musician. I have been playing her song 'Jailer'I know most people have been on that work work work tip though.

Enjoying: Joyce Meyer's sermons. I love her.

Liking: A new routine I started end of February. I promised myself to drink half a liter of water first thing in the morning. It's not the easiest thing to do but it sure is exciting!Getting that water in.

Wearing: Sunglasses almost everyday. I think i'm beginning to understand people who wear them in malls,it's laziness to put them off,I guess. Those who rock them at night..I'm concerned!

Following: Scandal and Rhythm City. These are South African Soapies I last watched in 2013! I had no clue they uploaded episode on Youtube.The discovery is one of my favorite out of a tonne. 

Noticing: We are already three months deep into 2016! What have you been doing with your lives people,still on those resolutions? Hopefully.

Feeling:  At peace,I had no clue life would be like 'this' but we can't have everything figured out else life will not be as fun. Happy new March

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