Nothing is new in the fashion world to be honest. I have seen some of the pieces topping fashion these days, in my mother's photos and got me wishing my mum had kept clothes from her twenties. Imagine wearing a vintage crop top!Oh well, i will probably lock away this brown skirt and the over-sized blazer so that my daughter can have some vintage pieces. The skirt reminds me of the 90's wrap overs that almost every skirt-girl owned. My big sister owned one and boy how i wished to wear it,I couldn't because the owner guarded it with her life haha.
 This look got me feeling sophisticated, that office girl slaying..(is the word still existing?) The blazer was thrifted and it's one of my best buys so far.While we are on the 'fars', happy new month guys.May February be everything you want it to be :)


  1. This whole outfit screams elegance, edge and chic and that is what you ooze my dear. You had me laugh at you wish your mum kept some of her clothes for you and your sister guarding her wrap skirt with her life. Fashion fades and it's repeated but style is forever! You look Stunning dear#boss lady!

    1. Aww,you made me blush!Thanks girl..i enjoyed styling the outfit and some interesting memories came back haha.


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