Taking Stock Six

Making :  Sure i live in the moment, i have been putting so much pressure on myself lately. Guess its the 'new year resolution' spirit

Drinking : For the past days sparkling juice. I remain faithful to good ol' water though,and tea!

Reading : The richest man in Babylon. That book is hashtag goals

Wanting : Nothing. For now.

Looking:  At picture frames with some of my favorite people. It's all about being around positive energy right? They are on my studying desk by the way.
Wasting: Mm, I haven't been waste-ful

Wishing:  The weather would stay like this forever if possible. The heat is no joke, thank God for the rains and cloudy days.        

Waiting: For the rain to stop so that I can go to seven-eleven. I sound quite undecided about how I want the weather to be like right?

Wondering: Why bad news or false news spreads way faster than the good news. Why do some people choose to be shady yet, light is more interesting to spread?

Loving: The fact that some of my favorite series are back from the holiday break. 

Hoping: I continue enjoying the moment, like i already said. It's one thing to plan ahead and another to be anxious instead of taking it slow and trust the process.

Marveling: That it's exactly six months since i started my blog, one Sunday evening. I am glad i took that first step! Cheers, i'll drink water to that haha.

Needing: To stay focused and finish off whats left for me to do school-wise 

Smelling: Glade air-freshener. Its that 'clean linen' version of it, i love it!

Knowing: Hmm I am not going to write what but just know i now know something pretty exciting. I will probably share it soon.

Thinking: Happy thoughts. Like I said earlier, I have not been taking it easy on myself lately so I'm making up for it.

Bookmarking: February 4th. Today marks six months since I started this blogging life.

Opening: Some Nigerian goodies my friend brought for me. Bless you dearest!

Giggling: We (my two sisters and I) had a three and a half skype call the other day and believe it or not, i still am giggling at some of the insane things those girls were talking about! It's those random flashes of the conversation that crack me up but will just giggle instead. Sisters are a blessing.

Feeling: Cabin fever creeping in. 

Cooking : I have been so experimental this week,and the previous one, from wraps to rice..a whole lot to be honest. I guess people on my SnapChat thought i'm now a die hard foodie

Playing: Zimbabwean music. Again,my SnapChat can testify:)

Enjoying: Skype dates with my nephew Jr. He is the cutest thing ever!His accent is soothing,the innocence is real. Okay, I will end here but yes, I am enjoying the auntie-moments

Liking: Very many songs lately. Rihanna's Anti album is so good, Work is my favorite song so far.

Wearing: My pink tee with minions

Following: I have not been doing any following

Noticing: That these taking stocks are really taking stock,if you know what I mean. It's really looking back into past and present activities, not random jotting down of things.

Feeling:   Humbled and excited because of some recent happenings. 


  1. Congrats on 6months! Good job for being so consistent.

  2. 6 months!! Wow! Congrats dear, I thought you've been blogging for over a year. Wanting nothing and following nothing? C'mon now......, I always love when you take stock because you always keep it real with your readers!

    1. Lol,i have been content hehe..next stock will have more juice!Thanks girl,you motivate me xoxo

  3. your blog is cool Grace and i love the decency in the way you dress. However i am just curious about the white headgear that you always wear.Is it for religious reasons? cant see your email address, wld have preferred sending an email

    1. Thank you Oti and yes,it's mandatory that I tie a white headscarf

  4. Thanks for replying.Am glad you didn't feel offended .Your dressing is so similar to mine,i don't wear trousers too and i have been searching for at least one blogger who wear dresses and skirts only ,i am so glad i found you.I do style my hair tho! I hope to start blogging soon.
    Oh ..and your shoe collection. looove it!

    1. The pleasure is mine,I'm found! You should start blogging so that we can collaborate #skirtgirls it will be so much fun:)

  5. Will let you know as soon as i start blogging !

  6. Head gear, mandatory. For religious reseasons. I think I like that!


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