On the clock with the wise.

Ever heard the verse "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid."? I heard it several times whenever I went for women fellowship with my mother. It so happened that each time I accompanied her, someone preached that very verse..Proverbs 12 verse 1 it is but very deep in my native language(Shona) and if you have your native language bible, you might want to look it up.
We have been on a rush/stampede/race to be known more, to be prettier, wealthier, more educated etcetera but we hardly work as hard to be wiser,maybe a few do. If only we worked as hard to be wise as we do to be wealthy or beautiful.
'What's this girl talking about?' I'm all about us gaining wisdom, being wise(r) so that we can be wholesome people. I have noticed that each time I read self help books, open some wise-blogs, read my bible, I truthfully gain some knowledge. Although I might not follow all that was said, I still have the words at the back of my head and they get handy when I least expect.

We can also get wiser through talking to older,experienced people. It will be of no use, spending an entire hour with an elderly person who does not have anything figured out. I know you can learn something from everyone you meet but can't you select or prioritize  what to learn first? You can right?

Most times,conversations with older people are not rosy. You can be saying something jokingly then it backfires into some lecture..the struggle is real. However, even if these chit-chats have 'danger' attached to them and you might have sworn never to be part of them ever again, let me just tell you : you are short changing yourself. These grown ups will help you with idea generation, and that's why I said choose wisely. They will counsel you, encourage you and you get to know their point of view concerning everything,basically.
I know I'm sounding like an advocate for the elders' council but it's just that I had great a time with some really wise people and I thought through sharing, you too might meet, call, Skype..communicate with the wisest person you know and they can advise you on a few things. I have a girls day out today so bye for now.



  1. This post totally speaks to our current generation because we have kinda lost our ways thus corroding our morals and wisdom. Thanks for sharing this important post Grace! And personally, thanks for reminding me to read the bible because I often forget.

    1. It's the sad truth we all need to work on.Thank you for stopping by!

  2. That is a great quote. You are so right we need to constantly be gaining wisdom in some way and meeting and listening to the right people is what we need to do. Learning is constant and learning from someone older is crucial.


    1. Couldn't agree more. Thank you for stopping by :)


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