Taking Stock Five

Making : It a habit to moisturize with coconut oil before i sleep every night

Drinking : Water,religiously.I have cut out juice from my diet for   a while now.

Reading : Let it go by T.D Jakes. It's more like my morning read 

Wanting : To be the best version of me as possible

Looking:  For ways to improve my life in all aspects. New year new me. Not really. Same me but the modified version

Wasting: No time in criticizing people or nose poking. These things can become a habit slowly,you know?

Wishing: Everyone a great 2016. I want us all to prosper and be happy                      

Waiting: For four pm to strike. Ask me why.

Wondering: If walking into spider webs has a special meaning or just a sign of  being clumsy! This girl has been trapped in many lately.

Loving: Watching Food Network. Believe it or not, it's this year that i started watching it and boy that channel is addictive. I get hungry each minute of starring on the screen though.

Hoping: I travel more this year. 

Marveling: At how i'm doing well with the Daniel fast. I think i will shed some light once the 21 days over. 

Needing: A pedicure! No joke. I am convinced my toe nails need a professional touch or maybe i just want the pedicure. A girl can just get pampered right? Right. 

Smelling: Dettol. There has been some cleaning going on so the clean smell is still lingering. 

Knowing: That God loves me and you equally.

Thinking: Positive thoughts. I can't believe I will soon be just two years away from hitting a quarter century. Do the math.

Bookmarking: 2Timothy 1 verse 7

Opening: Shower cream. It has goat milk and that excites me! Milky baths yay

Giggling: At what my little sister was saying concerning national identity cards and how she got hers. They grow so fast huh.

Feeling: Better after days of unforgiving myself for loosing my phone.

Cooking : Most vegetarian recipes i'm coming across. It's funny how i got so angry at my mother for cooking meatless dishes growing up. 

Playing: A playlist by Oluchi Okeke I love her voice and her choice of words/lyrics.

Enjoying: Discovering new music, series and tricks. You might want to look for the Haves and the Have-Nots if you aren't watching it already.

Liking: That i will soon be getting some Zim goodies soon. Fly time fly!

Wearing: A sporty outfit

Following: My favorite YouTubers and bloggers like never before.It's amazing how you can get attached to people you've never seen

Noticing: That i have managed to maintain my weight for sometime now. I'm still working on getting toned and all that goodness that comes with exercise.

Feeling:   Optimistic, grateful, blessed...


  1. Oluchi Okeke🙌 also like her. And im straling this please 😊


    1. She is amazing and yes sure!Can't wait to read your stocks:)

  2. Oluchi Okeke🙌 also like her. And im straling this please 😊


  3. Am with you on drinking water and wearing sports luxe becasue it is on trend girl!!

    1. Tell me about it. Athleisure all day every day:)


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