Pet Peeves!

You know how you get so angry at things that look 'normal' to other people?..that's exactly what this post is all about today. I know I am not the only one who gets annoyed once in a while. By the way, i am not by any means confessing i am the most annoyed person.Rather, i'm just  airing out some petty things that still get into my nerves regardless.
  •  When you are in a nail salon and the technician keeps making mistakes and removing the polish several times! She wants to make it perfect but girl,I do not have the whole day.
  • On a bus, a full bus and the driver keeps stopping to pick up more people. Oga abeg, can't you see we are already full? Call me inconsiderate but if a bus is full should we not reach our destination just the way we are?
  • When the cashier holds up my money to see if the note is  real! The heck.
  • Ordering food at the fast food restaurant and they take a whole lot of time to bring your order. Ah, don't we call it fast food for a reason?
  •  People who chew with their mouths open or talk with food still in their mouths.
  • When the toilet sit is left up!!!
  • People who peep into my phone while I text on the bus or train. He he shall i hand it over to you to proof read?
  • People who say 'Me, I' What on earth is that?
  • When a wrong number calls and after they know it was a wrong number, go ahead and ask who i am. Eh?
  • People who play music in public with no earphones. I believe there is a special place for those people.
  • Gold diggers. I mean nose pickers!
  • People who reply one word/letter answers on whatsapp! K. Really?
What are some of your pet peeves? Do we have any in common, let your girl know. Enjoy your weekend:)



  1. Omg!!! I get annoyed by the exact same things!! I was reading each of these and saying me too!! I had a good laugh as I was reading them though because of how much I could relate. Have a lovely weekend Grace!

    1. Haha great minds think alike:)Enjoy your weekend too dearest

  2. I hear you Grace, those things you listed irritate the hell out of me too! Have a lovely weekend!


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